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well, most of us were brought up with some sort of religious background, unless you're me.

it's a curious question though. was Bukowski a religious man? did he believe in god?
He believed he was not worthy- as in several poems. That is considered to be a higher spiritual stance. Higher than those tele-evangelist who say they talk to God and look down their noses at us.
Well, at least that's what I gather from some of his writing and maybe I am putting my own slant on it.

At least, making a casual refrence to heaven says something. IMO. St. Hank of San Pedro.
Sunday Afternoon In Heaven? - well, he often said later on that the gods had been good to him!
Interesting drawing! It's not one of the typical Buk drawings we're used to see.
Thanks, cirerita!
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Thanks cire!
What an unusual drawing-style, so different from his others.

"some accept the possibility of God to help them get through
others take it straight on
and to these
I drink tonight."

(from: the finest of the breed in: you get so alone)

does this answer your questions kids?
Strange how the realistic bike has an abstract human-like something stuck on top of it. And what's that strange little object opposite the flower pot? With an arrow pointing up, to Heaven? An odd drawing, and early, 1964.

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