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I find it a good book.
Together with the collected letters it's also
a populair book over here in the Netherlands.
Calonne did a real good job.
I think it's highly recommendable. It's a great interview book. A lot of the more interesting interviews with Buk over the years are in that book. If you want to read Buk interviews, this is the book!
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I read it last month, great find if you like interviews of Hank; which I most certainly do. Some of the questions are repetitive but then that's to be expected. Hank, as always is brutally honest and intentionlly abrasive, LOL!
I'd not consider Sunlight Here I Am nor Buk as a
LOL item but I think I know what you mean.
You know, Di Gn,,, I'm getting old.
I have just finished it. In my opinion, the best line is not from Bukowski but from Glenn Esterly:

"Bukowski, you're not a bad guy Ë—Ë— for a prick."

Oh and Hank's answers to two of F.A. Nettelbeck's questions... :D
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This book can actually get a little boring by the end because the interviewers are always asking the same questions and (what’s really interesting) Bukowski answers them very consistently over the 30-year span.

I think of rock stars in Rolling Stone interviews who seem to completely do 180s from decade to decade and you end up resenting them for it. Bukowski stayed true to his opinions the whole way through.

I’ve not seen the drawing below anywhere else. It’s the menu for Linda Lee’s health food restaurant in Redondo Beach.

That's a good question. I think I looked for it once and couldn't find it - or that exact quote, anyway - in any poems or letters. David should know...
Here's something to get the ball rolling. Buk - The Bogart of Poets, by Nat Freedland. This appeared in Knight Magazine, Volume 7 Issue Number 5, September 1969. Although it was quoted in the introduction, and indeed supplied the title for the interview compilation "Sunlight, here I am' I don't believe the full text has appeared anywhere else or is available online anywhere else.
So, I went back at looked at Sunlight and the quote is from the Freedland article Hank Solo posted which I mention on page viii of my Introduction


I'm posting here the whole article as it appeared in Knight, Vol. 7, no. 5, 1969 which I don't believe has been posted in its original form.

friends, need help!
I really need two interviews from this book:

Silvia Bizio «Quotes of a dirty old man»
Ron Blunden - «faulkner hemingway, mailer... and now bukowski?!»

In Russia there is a translation but the English book can not be bought. The electronic version is also not available.
Can someone do me a huge favor and send me photos of these fragments from the book?

[email protected]

that's the way the book looks in the Russian version


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