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How's it going ?
I'm a 22 year old guy from Belgium. I've been coming to this forum on a regular basis for over a year now and have greatly enjoyed some of the posts you dudes and dudettes have made (especially in the Unpublished area).
I've been reading Bukowski for a couple of years, for the wrong reasons at first. Being a heavy drinker and user myself I was immediately attracted to the hard hitting booze hound - image I had of him. You know, the dirty old man, one sick dog shite.
I've read his available novels from the local library (being Ham on Rye, Post Office, Factotum and Pulp) and was hooked instantly. Here was a man who I could relate too. Not too keen on living sometimes, not really caring for most people and being somewhat an outsider in this world. Often deliberately.
When I began to read his poetry next, he got under my skin. I had and have so much respect for the amount of beauty he can bring into poems that often deal with beer, whores, being broke, meeting bastards,...
Well, that's it. Sorry if this first one is a long one.
Welcome Marx Renoffski! that post wasn't too long at all. in fact, your opinions of buk mirror mine in many ways. Good to have you...
Now that's a good first post. Welcome to the fun. I expect to hear about you eating waffles in the What I'm having for dinner thread.
Welcome Marx Renoffski ! Nice living presentation :)

You're from Belgium, so maybe you speak French !
Ah, Belgium.
Is your native language Flamish or French?
(My guess is Flamish...)
Have you watched the interview with Buk by Martin Coenen?
you guessed right, Ponder !
And Ambreen, I do speak French but only the sort of French they have taught us at high school. So as soon as the words have more than three syllabels (?), I'm fucked.

And thanks for all the warm welcomes guys ! I really apreciate it.

Take care

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