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Appreciate your friends
I won a copy of one of Hosho McCreesh's chapbooks, For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... form Sunnyoutside Press out of Buffalo NY.

I won it in some little contest I linked to from here where we basically just had fun imitating Hosho's poem titles. Everyone won. The point is Sunnyoutside are very nice people with some interesting titles to sell with excellent service. The book by Hosho McCreesh has some of the best titles. Some titles that are longer than the poems.

Art by Kevin Charles Kline
I promise, I am not handing out $5 bills for mentions...

(They're $1 bills)

Seriously though--thanks GKHLove. Molly Gaudry sponsored the give-away, graciously donating most of the copies for it.

And yes--David, at sunnyoutside, has been making some fine, fine books for years now. You'll find stuff worth reading in the sunnyoutside catalogue as well!
David, the publisher spent the weekend were at BoSP World Headquarters a few years ago and we printed a couple things, incluging one of his broadside releases and a book cover.

We also hung out at Amherst, MA in 2008 when we were both there for Festival Estatique (?), Which was organized by Byron Coley. They had readings by Richard Krech (Who Sunnyoutside and I both publish), Charles Potts, john Oliver Simon, Charles Plymell, Mike Watt, and a bunch of other poets. Also, music by folks like Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, J. Mascis, Grant Hart... all very low key and cool. In fact, i'm a huge dinosaur jr fan, so getting to sit with my knees 4" from J's hands and guitar while he played to a crowd of about 50 was very, very cool.

Yeah, the publisher from sunnyoutside is a good guy.

I posted early this morning. I was too tired like I am now to type out the titles of the Hosho poems. That is worth some long discussions about some very impressive words. Major league in my opinion.
It is a very good book, I picked up a copy locally a few months ago and found it to be spectacular.

I accept PayPal of personal checks for $1.
david at sunnyoutside is a damn fine editor with a good eye.

strange that he would publish such a degenerate womanizer and lowlife scumbag as this McCreesh character.

I hear he has a computer program that generates all his titles for him and also that he is mean to puppies and babies.

I am serious about this.


also, I want a dollar.
Just read this collection and the collective whole is one clean stroke through an untieable knot. These weren't penned in comfortable, safe places. Looking forward to the Deluxe Package.
This is a very cool project--one that started stocking copies of WRETCHED, along with loads of other cool small press offerings. If you are in or around Indy--check them out!

Vouched Books
I'll tell Black Swan to keep her black eye at the link.
I don't believe she has a copy. Shame on her.
I had not seen that picture. I was there yesterday at that bbq. We just got back....

Cool. Now to look t see if I was int he background of any pics...

edit/... Just checked. Not in the background. Here is one taken by someone else. I REALLY don't remember anything about this picture being taken. Odd... Good picture, but I don't look so good... I was holding up Charley Plymell's car....

party photo.jpg
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Hey.... Speaking of Charley and Kim...

I found a photo of Charley giving Kim a copy of the latest BoSP release, Cowboy of the Ancient Sea by Charles Plymell....

kim and charley with BOSP release.jpg

Which is this...

And here she is hanging out. My youngest kid is the little one playing badminton...
kim with my youngest playing badminton.jpg

Both black and White photos are by Bill Dwight.


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