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Giants fan here; think Plaxico Burress. What a fucking moron.

Was hoping for a Pennsylvania cross-town Super Bowl; that could have rocked. Not sure how this game will play out...
Plaxico ended up being the difference...he owes the giants 55 superbowl rings. I imagine the Steelers will win, but I dont need an excuse to drink, so I'll probably just head out to the welding shop as usual that sunday, pull a beer outta the snow pile and stare at a pile of scrap metal.

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As of this morning the only story I read has Pittsburg favored by 6 1/2 pts. The Cardinals have only two players with any Super Bowl experience but they have momentum and half the Steelers old coaching staff. I am rooting for the Cardinals like I have all of the post season. I didn't think they could beat the Panthers, but they did.
When the Cardinals came up to Foxborough to play the Patriots late in the season, they looked terrible. It was cold and snowing and they looked like they didn't want to be there. Since then, they have really been getting into synch, and they are playing very well. It's good for a franchise like this to earn their share of the limelight.

I'd like to see them win even if they weren't playing a team I dislike as much as the Stillers. :D
the steelers are lookin' good but i'm still upset about the ravens beating the titans. at least the ravens are gone now...

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So enough with the clever prose. I spoke with a couple of my knowledgeable sports friends and they are saying the Steelers can be beat. But will they bet on that?
I like rooting for an underdog, except for last year.

I like to see the new commercials too.
For me now, it comes down to which group is more worthy a posessor of victory. Not the player, but their followers. I have a feeling that I would rather see the townies in Pennsylvania, rich in their football tradition, squash the sunbirds in Arizona who are only looking for another evening of entertainment. Because theres no real reason that football should not be the most important thing in your life. I think Pittsburgh CARES a helluva lot more. The players will feel this pressure, and perform accordingly.
My grandfather played baseball for the Philadelphia Athletics. Shamokin. And a few other teams, including "Anthracite" teams. Pics in my son's room. Grass up to ankles in shots. Heritage is important. I was rooting for an all Pennsy game. But alas, it did not happen. So here we are. Coke v Pepsi. They drink Pepsi in Pennsy, btw. But not in Atlanta.

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Over confidence can make you lose everything. The Cardinals know they are the underdog and will take this challenge seriously. There is a very thin chance some of the Steelers may be drunk on over confidence and it only takes a few to make the whole team go down. I can hope, since hope is all I have, that spirit will triumph over ability.

I hope it's a close game. Blow outs are boring.

BTW does anyone drink wine at a Super Bowl party? Is it even allowed?

Recipe for a Cardinal victory:

Points off special teams + points off turnovers + Heinz Ward injured + the defensive performance of the Cardinal's season/a lack-luster Steeler offense.

Short of that--it's gonna be tough sledding.

Fitzgerald is a gamer--but there's no way he runs one-on-one through the Steeler secondary. Plus the Steeler linebakers are good enough to stop the run & the pass. The Cardinals haven't seen a defense like the Steelers...they've seen the Giants (& lost)--& the ginats are a pretty good defense. They spilt with Philly...winning when it counted...who also has a pretty decent defense. But Pittsburgh--(& the Ravens, for that matter) these guys are INSANE for defense...they have big chips on their shoulders. & Dick Lebeau--he can out-scheme any offense. Warner gives the Cards a chance--as he makes really good decisions...I just don't think he's seen a defense like this all year. The Cards need big plays to power their offense--without them, they struggle. They'll need to "Shock the world" to win. </football rant>

PS: My team is the abysmal Raiders--so this isn't rah-rah team stuff. This is football Xs & Os. That Steeler defense is a thing of brutal, viscious beauty.
number6horse said:
Dude.....are you a witch or a pot-smoking scientist....? :rolleyes:

No pot, some Marlboro phases here and there over the years, though.

As witchery goes, they tried to burn me at the stake a few times, but fire and I are cohorts, brothers in mayhem, so it scurried me to safety - where we make plans daily.;)
Well I wish someone was moderating this thread!!
I came here to cheer for the Steelers not discuss brittle cunts.

Cardinals haven't been the same since Dobler.
Hosh, if it makes you feel better Scott Norwood is still a swear word in these parts

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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Good point Jimmy Snerp.

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I think I have to go with Arizona, just because I love an underdog and I have always admired Kurt Warner. That guy played for a small college team, didn't get drafted by any NFL team, was invited to Packers camp, got bounced out of there, returned to coach for a year in college, played in the Arena Football League (go Iowa Barnstormers! woo-hoo!), was later picked up by the Rams, got shipped off to NFL Europe for a season, returned home to work a series of menial jobs and heavy drinking, landing in New Orleans....wait, I'm off-topic again - and finally got his shot in the NFL and made the most of it from there.

That's the report from my right hemisphere, anyway. Not sure how the X's and O's line up. That Steeler defense is something fierce...
Uh Oh... Reply from 'A Native': Stats, guesses, and wishes aside-Pittsburgh has a strong history of dissapointment when the chips are down. You can't ride the coat-tails of a 70's team and expect karma to just suddenly bless you because of it. The Steelers tend to get very cocky, and this hurts them,consistantly.

I am a Pittsburgh native,married to an 'LA' Raiders fan; football is cool, I dig it, but coming from a city where you can't even wear another teams hat, without someone making a snide remark-well, it gets old. And don't forget, we've had murders here when people have disagreed about who 'you' should be a fan of.

I like when the Stillers win, people are happier, nicer and spend more $$-but when they lose, this whole town turns into a bitter, nasty evil group in need of a good shot of Prozac. CRB:)
Well, Tampa, the cultural mecca of the world, er, has more adult news.

The Super Bowl is a command performance for a city defined, in part, by its international reputation for lap dancing. Tampa has 30 licensed adult dance clubs, adult theaters, live model studios and adult bookstores on record at City Hall. That's roughly 1 per 11,300 residents, among the highest rates nationwide.

Full article in the St. Pete Times:

This, believe it or not, was on the front page today.

(And no, G-Love, I don't have any vested interests in strip clubs. :D)
The Latest Super Bowl News From Tampa

NFL-mania is in full swing here. I can here fireworks. Probably from Channelside, where the city will make its budget with DUI arrests tonight.

The latest news from TAMPA:

Gorilla stolen returned: no charges pressed.
Escaped Monkey shot to death by gunman, no charges pressed.
Diddy shows up at party at 3am - hollywood style.
Grouper fisherman PO'd at laws that protect sea turtles.
John Gruden "Chucky" will coach again (even with $15 million coming).
The Rays (formerly the Devil Rays) aren't really from Tampa, but St. Pete.
Bart Simpson is a "scientologist."

For those who thought they missed out on the happenings in Tampa, that's the latest from the St. Pete Times. See what you missed!?!

Oh yeah, and tickets are almost at $2,000 a pop for nose-bleed seats.

Good thang I have a comfortable couch, lotsa wings and hot sauce, a fully-stocked beer fridge "” and a bathroom nearby. Then, when all that is gone, I'm going to a neighbor's house for a party.

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NFL-mania is in full swing here. I can here fireworks. Probably from Channelside, where the city will make its budget with DUI arrests tonight. Oh yeah, and tickets are almost at $2,000 a pop for nose-bleed seats.
heeheeheehee:D The money way OR another. Just imagine paying
2 grand$$ for a seat and THEN getting the DUI...Times are tough! Oh, and anywhere Pittsburgh goes, fireworks are sure to follow. This fucking town has had firecrackers stuck up it's collective ass for many a year. GOOO STEELERS!

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I want to see the Cardinals win.
....and so does she:

The cardinal is such a beautiful bird.
Where do you find this stuff?

You may need her on the sidelines to win (Cards). Remember in the movie, "The Replacements," how the, er, cheerleaders distracted the opposing team? Pitt wins, IMO. But rooting for a great game first...


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That's why they invented high speed film.

Of course the Steelers may just kill the the Cardinals, but it's more exciting cheering for the underdog. But in the fourth quarter down 42 to 13 all you can do is drink more beer.

It would be cruel to post this Pittsburg Steeler cheerleader at this link:

Here is a nice article about Big Ben or Big Ben Gay.
Oh Mercy!

I'm pulling for a good game, but being a Patriots fan, I'm hoping the Cards win. Then again, considering the absolute shellacing the Pats gave Arizona in December, that would be a bit annoying too.
well I got invited over someones house for the game. I'll be damned. I must have behaved the last time I was there. I'll play by the rules; bring bottled beer, Doritos and NOT polish-off the liquor....I promise.

I'm a Pats fan too. I hear Brady's coming along better than expected. We'll be in this thing next year.
Super Bowl Pics (Including Coors Girls - Take That G-Love)

Here we go. Again. Went into the city of Tampa tonight (city being used loosely), with Dr. Thompson. Not the dead one; but a fan of HST. And a bud. Here's a few of our pics, you may enjoy. My goal was to give some of the local flavor of the event; hopefully, this does it....somewhat...if not, well, sobe it. I've tried to make it interesting...


1. Coors Girls (if you like pg 13 skin, behind...the scenes)

2. California Hits Tampa - see license plate (debatable look)

3. Dr. Thompson with Super Bowl sign - cool perspective (may be worth a quick look)


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You know, only a quasi-fundamentalist/authoritarian organization like the Coor's company would stipulate that sexy female company-branded attire MUST INCLUDE NYLONS.

We can control your thoughts and arousal patterns, gentlemen. We are The Coor's Company. Enjoy.....

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Thank you, to Bukowski dot Net's on site correspondent Homeless Mind.

So some guy blew some big money driving from California to Tampa in a Hummer.


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I'll be spending Superbowl Sunday throwing an old friend of nearly 30 years into the Pacific Ocean.

Stomach cancer. 48 years old, two kids, one of the good guys.

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