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I've never seen the flic, but knew Buk was credited. curious to see it, but not to own (for me, anyway).
I've seen that for sale before, but it's a bit of a head-scratcher. I don't think he appears in it, but I haven't seen it, so...maybe he did. I'd be surprised if it was the Charles Bukowski. Might be a pseudonym or something.
I have not seen it, but my understanding is that he appears in one scene as a guest at a party. I don't believe he had any scripted or speaking parts, but I can't be sure. I've always been curious. I'm a bit surprised that nobody in this madhouse has seen the film.
It seems odd that they would credit an extra. Unless it's just a marketing ploy for the home video.

As if a classic like Supervan needs a marketing ploy!
See what you guys think, it's been funny trying to figure this out. Browsing through IMDB I found this under Charles Bukowski:

Supervan (1977) (uncredited) .... Drunken Party Goer

Then I found this poster:-

supervan 1977.jpg

Then I found a great synopsis:
Clint Morgan (Mark Schneider) is trying to get to the 'Bicentennial Non-National Second Annual Van Freakout Invitational.' The Freakout is the Super Bowl of the van scene, with a $5,000 prize on the line. Clint's van, the Pirate Star gets destroyed early on in the movie when he tries to save a girl named Karen (Katie Saylor) from getting raped in a junkyard. Not to worry, because Clint's scientist friend, Boseley Birdwell (Tom Kindle), has just designed a solar powered prototype van named Pandora (AKA the Supervan). We know Boseley is a genius because he got 'three degrees from MIT in two years....' (More here:

But I haven't been able to find the movie. Now, yes, I'm also thinking it's the wrong guy, but now I have to see this film. Anyone know where I can get a copy of "Supervan"?
there are already a few other SUPERVAN threads... I pasted a thread below.
Be warned, it's a real SNOOZEFEST, horrible script, terrible acting, pretty much unwatchable, the BUK scene is under 10 seconds long...

anyone looking/wanting a copy of SUPERVAN, you can get it here... Vhs and DVD, $20 + shipping.
I'd have to say; Strictly for BUK collectors, cuz the movie is GOD-AWFUL!! :)
I am certainly going to have spend the $20. Thanks!

Do not. Please.

One fine day, the segment will be on You Tube.

And you will be glad you saved that $20 for a 6 pack or some such.
Charles Bukowski at a wet t-shirt contest 1977 - Merged with Supervan thread.

Rare and unusual footage of Bukowski soaking down some good mares in some kind of hippy style event, he is enjoying himself very much; great to see him in this natural way. Solid, alive, enjoying!

I wonder where exactly it is, somewhere in California, I presume...?
That footage is from the film Supervan. I've merged the 2 threads now.
That footage is from the film Supervan.
And if you manage to track down and buy a beat up old ex-rental VHS copy for some crazy inflated price, don't expect to see any more of Bukowski. Apparently that clip is his entire appearance in the film.

Though I would like to know more about how he became involved in filming that scene. It looks like he owed someone a favor.
The girl at the end...with the fucked up makeup and red shirt...I've seen her before? In the Howard Sounes book of pictures maybe??? I know I've seen her before because I thought she looked hot in a easy slut kind of way......uh, which is a compliment if that woman happens to be reading this...haha.
There's a still of her with Bukowski in Born Into This.
Are you thinking of Jojo Planteen? That could be her. She was very young when she wrote to Bukowski. Too young for him. Maybe she was what got him to go do an afternoon on that piece of shit movie. I love the yellow duct tape "winner" ribbon. Why do some low budget movies make me embarrassed to be human?

"hippy style event"? I don't see any hippies there. By 1976 the Runaways were playing at the Whiskey and the hippy age was long gone.
Aha, that's it. I'll assume that's why he was there. He was chasing that girl (I hope that's why, there is no other excuse). There's another picture of her in Sounse's first book.
I'm just glad some of the foolish things I did for women were never caught on tape. except for the endless loop that plays in my brain.
although I always wanted to see this (since I'd heard of his appearance in Supervan), and I'm happy in a way I saw it, maybe it should've stayed buried in the vaults. I don't know.
O, it's certianly hippy style, but fear not I'm not saying Charles is a hippy, ya know: wanton abandon, dope smoking, road trips, big camper vans, wet t-shirt's not the 60's but it's not the 80's either!

Love the footage....such a rarity!

I'm off to hunt down that terrible film....what age is the girl, any guesses? late teens? early twenties? and bukowski? Early 30's?

You sychopants you! All of you!
A wet T-shirt contest is so not-of-the-60's. But hold on to your quaint perceptions of ye olden tymes if they comfort you. We all need something.
She was a college student. Bukowski was - well, he was 1977 minus 1920.

You'd have to really live hard to look like that in your early thirties...
I don't think it's Jojo Planteen. Her face looks different but she's the same type as the one from the contest...
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My God: Bukowski is in his 60's maybe? Hanging around with all the young fawns of the 70's! I imagine the girls are late teens early twenties....what a lecher! a dirty old man!
I just came across the clip on youtube.

What about Buk's t-shirt?!


And they obviously didn't have the t-shirt in Buk's size.

So different to anything else on video I've ever seen of him.
That's a still shot from a wet t-shirt contest in the movie Supervan. I don't think this girl has ever been positively identified. It's been said it is possibly Jojo Planteen, but most likely she is just a random girl Buk was chasing that day.

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