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This is cool in a couple ways.

S.A. Griffin bought an actual ex-military test bomb. He is asking for submissions to include in the bomb. Then he and others will tour the US and read from it. They will hopefully make a stop in Philly/Baltimore/DC. He owes me a visit.

I talked to S.A. and I will produce a limited edition broadside (only available there) for the event and it will be used to help fund the project. Not sure who it will be yet, but stay tuned! They need to get a vehicle that can get them all over the country and gas for the trip, etc..... I'm sure that they will stay with friends along the way. They need $3000 to make this happen.

You can help in any of three ways:

1) Donate to the project (and get the goodies)
2) Submit a poem to the project.
3) Come out to the local reading and check it out.

It should be a lot of fun. He can put together a great tour.

Yeah - this one looks like fun. I'll be supporting. Thanks for the tip.

I just looked at S.A.'s profile at imdb dot com and noticed he was in my favorite vampire movie of all time, "Near Dark". Very cool.
in the youtube video Bono shows up at 1min 50secs in, to drill out the end of the bomb. Quite the celebrity endorsement ;)

Looks like a great project. The idea of your poetry traveling around in an old bomb is strangely arousing. I'm going to send something in hope.
Last chance to get in the bomb. The first public appearance will be April Fools day. Bring your poem and you can read. 7PM at Skylight Books in Los Feliz, 1818 N. Vermont Ave.

1818 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 660-1175

To kick off poetry month.
I HELPED set the type for the text of the poem and am publishing the broadside of a poem by Ellyn Maybe for this event. more details on that later. If you are coming to any of the readings, you can ask S.A. about one. He may have one.

The design and printing of this broadside was done by my friends, the amazing printers at It really looks amazing and I love the poem.


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