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FYI - I have discontinued supporting membership. So if your subscription comes to an end and your username goes back to black, that's the reason.

If there is a perk of supporting membership that you still want, let me know, and I'll see if I can supply it. Anyone with an Gmail account is welcome to keep it. For that matter, anyone who wants one, send me a PM and I'll set you up. We still have 20 or so that are unused, so feel free.

I sincerely appreciate the contributions from those of you who participated, and to those of you who have sent extra funds over and above the supporting membership, thank you.

I've never felt comfortable with the supporting membership bit. I don't know exactly why. I just don't like taking money from people for a web site, I guess. It makes me feel weird. A drawback of being an early internet geek, perhaps, but there you go. And honestly, I don't like separating users into "classes," with those who can afford a few bucks getting something everyone else doesn't get.

So that's that. Thanks again, everyone who ponied up to keep happy and healthy. You done good.
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