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I am f**cking newbie on the forum. Cool forum....been lurking for as a guest for a while.

Buk is my favorite author - love almost all his stuff, Ham on Rye, Post Office (hence the moniker Supt Jonstone - as in Superindendant Jonstone from PO), Women, Factotum, have almost all the short stories.



Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Welome again, shall we call you soup? Why would you want to referred to as a vilian from his story? As you know there is lots to read and plenty of homework.
soup...sure...and thats a write up...;)

I think I chose the soup as an id handle because I just finished re-reading Post Office (again) and it just seemed funny. Kid Stardust, Big Assed Mother, and Beer Shit were also considered as names, but I decided to go with the soup.

Now...who is manning your case?

Ever read any of his poetry?

Yes...I forgot to add his poetry. I like pretty much everything he writes.
yeah, cool.

The next one's going to be the 'old drunk' who talks Buk into resigning at the PO in part2/chapter8. Now THAT guy was a true villain!

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