Surprising mention of an ultra rare BoSP Title (1 Viewer)
I am vain and have a google alert set up for BoSP. Most alerts are from my postings here. This one came up today and surprised me. there were only 10 of these made, and i still have my one copy.

not sure if any members here are in the area and not sure if this was really in print or internet only, but if anyone has a print copy of this, I'd send some very cool stuff in trade for it...

Bill--I live in Ann Arbor and met Arthur a few years ago when he had a big shebang at his house of his William Burroughs collection for a benefit for local literacy program. I'll check but I think this is only on the internet.
$340 for X-Ray 7? Yow.

That's more than a mention, it's two paragraphs. See what happens when you make something that's visually interesting? You take over the article! Congrats on the nod.
Six-pack 1-5....hmmmm....i wonder who was in those 5 six-packs...
i wish i had the box-set, but i have all 5 be cherished for sure.
stores run by PEOPLE WHO LOVE BOOKS can be dangerous... if every book is a precious treasure, then they'll never be priced to sell.
I am proud to be acquainted with the producer of a rare limited book such as the many others you've made. The Common Tread as the most valuable, in my opinion.
oh yeah you were begging us and begging us... you're lucky we threw you a bone!

few are as magnanimous as bill, we can attest to that.

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