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have just watched a Spanish movie:
La Torre de Suso / SUSO'S TOWER


It's a drama with plenty of laughs out of comic-situations.

After Suso has died, his old friend Cuno comes back to Spain to attend the funeral after 10 years of absence. He meets again with Suso's other three friends - all of which have problems with their lifes, his parents - who are barely a 'couple', a girl he can't remember having deflorated 10 years ago and an ex-girlfriend, now married to one of Suso's other friends.

I don't know about the English translation, but the German one worked very well for me.
Lot's of funny dialogue, crazy moments, the main character is a master in showing expressions through his face.

The only issue against it is the overhappy-end, which doesn't really fit the mood of the movie. But it's definitely worth a watch.

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