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this one looks wrong to me, especially the "Buk"; but it was in the collection of MM and I can't believe, he'd keep forgeries. It's on the LP-cover of his Hamburg-reading.

Maybe Hank was fully loaded signing it?

What do you think?


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thanks, friends.
I didn't really expect it to be a forge, but how often have we seen a "B" with two vertical lines and that strange curve-loop on its bottom? So I wanted to get your opinions.
You were helpful, as always.


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late to chime in, but the all-caps lettering looks spot on. the sig looks sloppy (drunk) but real.

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I have also compared several signatures and it looks fine, the Charles part is right on and then the B looks weird but not totally foreign. I found another B with that loop.
I'd say "drunk" too. As d gray says, the writing above is also typical. The "Hey, Fuck It" would shine in the dark.

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