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Hi All.
Haven't seen this mentioned yet.
Tales... gets a US Release this Tuesday 4-7-09.
You can get it at Amazon for $17.99.
Mine has been ordered.
Who else is in?
That movie made me angry. Angry at the world, at Ben Gazzara, Marco Ferreri, Italians in general, and angry at my VCR (this was some time ago). I didn't want to touch the tape after it ended, so I just unplugged the VCR and threw it out the window.

That just begins to explain how horrible that movie is. It's only the tip of the iceberg, really.

Imagine someone aggressively jamming a screwdriver way up your nose, until it hits important stuff, and they sit in front of you and do that repeatedly for an hour and a half. That's kind of like the experience of watching this movie.

But the screwdriver may be a bit more enjoyable (since after a few pokes, the screwdriver would probably render you senseless, so the rest of the 90 minutes would pass relatively peacefully).

it's a dreadful, dreadful movie. seriously.

some talk of it here.

but I'll probably still buy a copy.
Okay, one of you guys has to post a pic of Ben Gazzara, I can't place him and yeah, I am to lazy to look him up. I am glad not to feel the need to see this flick. If it comes onto cable I'll certainly watch it, I won't seek it out or feel like I'm missing anything. Thanks.CRB:) I still really want to see BarFly though...:)CRB
heehehee! Thanks too ponder! I was thinking that that room looks a liitle bit too tidy for Bukowski!:)CRB

...and LOOK! the Budweiser cans are lined up in a row!!!
at least the got the fridge right....
Yes. But I do seem to remember that the lamp in his place still held a well beaten shade.

Odds are they are still in the plastic six-pack rings, with one apparently missing.

Yes. The majority of footage/photography that I've seen shows Bukowski drinking out of a bottle, not a can. Which holds true to the times. Shit-
even I remember taking bottles back to the supermarket for deposit--TAB anyone? :)CRB
I don't see why, most people here put down that movie? Rather than Bukowski himself said he didn't like it, I think movie is pretty good. Especially, it was shot in the early eighties in Los Angeles and truly gave you a 'feel' of the place where Chinaski would dwell most of his life. I don't know what American public expects from the movies based on Bukowski stories, but all - three- movies were shot by the European directors, with the different perspective on Bukowski and America in general. At least they looked beyond the profit and gave us something. If you guys are waiting for Scorsese to make the movie - forget it! It's not going to happen. I can bet, if Bukowski gave a nod to the movie, most of you wouldn't dare trash it.
I can bet, if Bukowski gave a nod to the movie, most of you wouldn't dare trash it.
And I can bet you're wrong. Most people put it down because it's a shit movie. In fact, if you'd shown it to me and I'd never heard of Bukowski, I'd be saying, "Bill Sikes, why are you making me watch this shit? What is the point of this torture? Why do you hate me?!"

You know, something like that.

But since you brought it up, I'll say that there will never be a good Bukowski-based film until an American makes one. Bent Hammer or Orlanio Douchebag cannot capture the essence of America or Americans, period.

There is only one European director who could possibly come close, and that is Wim Wenders (see: Paris, Texas). I'll let him make a Bukowski-based movie. But from this point forward I forbid all other Europeans from soiling our national treasure in the way that they have been.

That is final.
We talked about this somewhere else before.
Paul Verhoeven could eventually do
a movie based on "Women".
Hey, he studied "America" for decades ;)

Wim Wenders? Too arty.
Lars von Trier? Maybe...At least he knows what real fear is.

Any possible Americans?
Until the End of the World was great
Faraway, So Close was Great
Wings of Desire was great
Million Dollar Hotel was Great
Paris, Texas was Great
I can bet, if Bukowski gave a nod to the movie, most of you wouldn't dare trash it.

Well, I'm late to the party, but I know that Buk had many positive things to say about Barfly. I found it to be weak and pedantic. A 3 out of 10. Boring, lifeless, cliche; with thoroughly unconvincing roles by Rourke and Dunaway. The best actor in the film was Frank Stallone and he was far from, well, good.
did anyone buy this dvd? are there any bonus features to justify me buying it? such as a commentary track with all involved chanting "we're sorry. we're very, very sorry...".

when the dvd was first announced, I looked on the site for info, but it didn't give any bonus features. I should've looked again.

but really, my post was just a ruse and a premise to tell my lame commentary joke.

As i said it was something... an attempt, what... almost thirty years ago where nobody knew who Bukowski was - even in his own city, never mind country. But seeing those streets in LA in the eighties, it was quite depressing.

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