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No, I'm not selling anything. I'm just wondering...

I'm wondering whether to spend a small fortune (for me) on one of their issues of Dwang. Their bookbinding looks impressive, and the poets listed in all issues so far look juicy (I apologise to those poets included, and who are present, for describing you as juicy). But, has anyone here got copies that they could say, yes, don't eat, eat this book?

I know Hosh and Mr Barker are in the upcoming issue three. Should I wait for that?

God, and everyone else physically present, please tell me what to do


p.s. just to rape a little more from my mattress, does anyone know how much a lettered copy would set me back?...although being a British publisher, and publishing Billy Childish, I guess i'm probably already too late.

I'll shut up now. I promise.

I have both. They're frickin amazing!

Lettered copies are expensive thou - and don't differ much except quarter bound. Buy all of them numbered instead. The lettered ones are all probably sold out for the third issue.
A better question is, how can you afford NOT to get them?

No, seriously though: they are gorgeously made hardback books...and made to last...by one guy...with his own two hands...a guy who gives damn about books and about small press poetry. He is the sole editor, and has sought out the people he's published, so if you like a handful of the contributors--there's a decent chance you'll like the names you don't yet know as well.

Like our good friend Bill Roberts, Michael Curran and Tangerine Press are the real-deal, Holyfield and I am damn proud to support them. The world needs more people like them...and to keep every single one of them we've got.
I like it when you ask a question knowing what you want to hear, and then you hear the answer and it validates your decision beyond reproach. I'm going to buy! Now I just have to hope that my old job doesn't realize they're still paying me (I highly doubt any of them read Bukowski, but just in case, "I hereby declare that I spent your money in good faith, believing that some generous benefactor was in fact pay rolling my poetry cause, and not your good selves depositing money in error. Fuckers.")
This just in:

Hello People,

DWANG issue three is ready to ship.

Poetry, prose & graphics. Up to thirty contributors.

Featuring: Will Self - Ntozake Shange - Billy Childish - R. Crumb - Charles Plymell

Fred Voss signed special section:
new poems, Alan Dent critical essay and in-depth interview by Jules Smith.

Still a few lettered/signed copies.
74 numbered/signed copies also available.

Strictly limited edition Dwang journal/book periodical.
Handbound, hardcover, acid-free papers and boards.

'[Dwang] ticks so many hipster boxes... Beautifully produced, lovingly handbound...' Dazed & Confused magazine

Get in QUICK. Or wait and pay collector's prices of over £120.00

Fight the good fight,
Michael Curran
of Tooting Broadway

I was talking to Charles Plymell, who is in all issues of DWANG, and he told me it's production quality is reminiscent of the Loujon Press' OUTSIDER. I am anxiously awaiting my copy. And I want to see Hosh's work in it too.
WOW. And FUCK. Just received my lettered copy. I'm scared to touch it. This is a thing of beauty. There are so many beautiful touches that lift this into into the stratosphere of book making. According to the editor notes in the back this will probably be the last issue of DWANG. I can only presume he sells these only through word of mouth, as by rights all issues (both numbered and lettered) should have sold out in minutes.

I remember looking on ebay for a lettered copy of the first issue a while ago and it's apparent some wily american bookseller has bought up more than a couple of each issue to sell at a marked up price. I know it's the real world, but to limit the number of people who will see these books even further is, to my mind, ugly.

Sorry, this book has got me so hard I'm tickling my nostril as I write.
My dwang 3 just arrived today, in California. Weeks after it was sent by tramp steamer down the Thames . . . but it was worth the wait. Beautifully bound-in stepped papers of various colors at the front, flawless printing and binding throughout. Oh yeah, and the contents is pretty good too. Work by several members of this forum including David Barker, Hosho McCreesh and me. Other work by Douglas Blazek [eary publisher of Bukowski way before Martin], Adrian Manning [publisher of Concrete Meat Sheet] and Gerald Nicosia [Kerouac biographer].
Man oh man... apparently the USPS has located a wormhole right out front of your house -- that is one hell of a long wait! Glad it made it -- it's gorgeous work, right!

Tangerine, BoSP, Chance, Blackheath, Kilmog...really snazzy handmade stuff for the discerning bookpornhound!
It sure is fine. But about the USPS. I'm as ready to criticize the government and its minions as the next guy, but I must say of all the many, many books I have had mailed to me, only 1 never arrived! And that was Teach Yourself Fucking by Tuli Kupferberg, so maybe it was all wrong from the get go.
I feel a bit bad, but I picked up a copy of the second issue for £10 off ebay. It's basically the same as the numbered copy, but without the number (I think it was a copy given to someone who helped him out). I haven't received it yet, but if it's anywhere near as beautiful as the lettered copy of issue 3 then I'll be "well happy". Now I just need to raise funds for the first issue.
I just received Dwang #1 & #3 from Tangerine Press. I got #2 last week. Well worth it. It is pricey for a commercial, soulless mass market book, but for a beautiful full cloth band bound book, lovingly made, it is an incredible steal and filled with amazing writing. Now to save up and pick up The other releases from this press (Billy Childish & Wantling.)

I'm not sure why I waited so long, but buying a full set now from the publisher now will be a lot less expensive than waiting a couple years and getting them on the rare book market.

I have (I'm in?) all three issues and they are indeed amazingly beautiful. Works of love, reminiscent of Loujon Press books, as someone pointed out. How the hell did I get this lucky?
You are indeed in all three, David. I picked up a set this summer and they are fine productions in both content and construct. Tangerine should take the hint and do #4 instead of some cockamamie (how the hell do you spell this?) "other" direction. 4 is a much nicer number than 3, don't you know.
I have the 2 Wantling Books -- and I am glad I do. I like his work...when he catches hold of one, he really knocks it around. The books are gorgeous of course...and his work just isn't that easy to track down. It's a win/win/win!
Am I a party-pooper?

I'm all for the dwang issues, the William Wantling books and the Billy Childish books.
But...I think mjp has pointed it out before on loujon; I miss the unsigned paperback editions.
It's not a money issue, it's just a matter I don't want to pay 75/100 dollars for a single book.
And books need to be affordable for 15-20 bucks people. Especially good literature.
My 2 cents.

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