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Good site. Pictures of word tattoos are great, because every once in a while you come across a masterpiece such as this. So pretty! Right? Eh...wha?
Those thighs are horrific. It makes me wish that people would wait until they are a little older until they get a tattoo. I have no tats, but if I had one done when I was 18, it would be dated. People change.

Like dolphins tattooed around the belly button that grow into larger whales along with the years. I know that wasn't nice, but I've seen it and it didn't look good. Dolphins are a stupid tat anyway, nevermind.
Those thighs are horrific.
Back in the day someone would have said 'no' to her. But now that there is a tattoo parlor on just about every city street corner, they can't afford to turn anyone away.

Carol has a tattoo on the side of her neck that she got about 15 years ago. The guy wouldn't do it until after a long lecture on why it might not be a good idea if she ever wanted to work a regular job, or if she didn't like everyone she met asking her about it. She had to convince him to do it. Things have changed quickly though, and most of these joints will tattoo your eyelids if you have the cash to pay for it.

But yeah, those thighs are tragic. Especially song lyrics. Look for her on in ten years. (Figures, that's really a site, though there isn't anything there yet...)
Maybe we should start a thread about what tattoos you would have done when you were 18 vs. now...

At 18, it would have been a tossup between:

The Led Zeppelin ZOSO symbol
Ren and Stimpy

at 38, it would probably be my kids names.

They are both cliche, but I'll never be embarassed to love my kids...

Ren and Stimpy was pretty funny, though...

I LOVE this one, but not on skin and not FOREVER.


aren't we all?


Now this guy is a douchebag...


The only muscles on this guy's bods are on his back...


Maybe we should start a thread about what tattoos you would have done when you were 18 vs. now...
at 38, it would probably be my kids names.
At 18, mine would have been the C.O.C. skull on my arm. Though I still like what they do, they've changed a lot musicwise. That's why I'm happy about not getting the skull inked and I was very close to let that tat be done at 18.

I know it's cliche, but I'm thinking about my daughter's name Zoe in foreign letters on the wrist of my left arm. Not the usual chinese or japanese stuff...something more weird looking.
I NEVER ever considered having one.
Anything that's attached to me for a lifetime would scare me.

Same here. I'm afraid I would regret it. The motifs you think are cool when you're 20, are not cool 20-30 years later. Plus, it's too ordinary to have tattoo's, I think. Certainly nowadays. So, no skulls, snakes, hearts, or tribal patterns for me, thanks.
I've only seen one tattoo that I liked lately, and that's Jeremy's Buk-Crumb tattoo.
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I'm wondering if he manages to have a normal sexual life with that serious handicap.

I mean his thing doesn't look like a sex anymore, it has become a kind of Looney Tunes by-product.
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holy crap those made me cry (laughing). cunt puncher?!? what the fuck's up with that?
thanks bill - great laughs
If I had a few hundred dollars I couldn't spend on anything else I would have gotten a pistol belt two years ago. I still think it's a pretty cool idea, lol.
in an extremely hungover state about 2yrs ago i almost asked a tattoo artist acquaintance to give me the smashing pumpkins heart. i still like that design - as a simple, stylised design, different from the usual stylised heart - but i'm glad i didn't get it.

i've been seriously thinking about getting a substantial tattoo for awhile now, somthing from my shoulder to my elbow, but i don't think i can afford to commission the artist whose designs i would most want. i saw a cool one the other day: it looked like an image from one of those really old botanical books, a really detailed and large image of an exotic flower. i don't normally like those kinds of tattoos but this one was really beautifully done.

i used to think that if i was ever going to get something permanently etched into my skin it would have to be really 'meaningful' but i don't feel that way now - i just want something that i think is really beautiful, really aesthetically pleasing to me.
I've been trying to design a tattoo for a while now, and may have finally settled on one. it involves a quote from Joe Strummer and one from Townes Van Zandt and a 45 adapter (for records, dig?). for my inside left forearm.
I'm wondering if he manages to have a normal sexual life with that serious handicap.

I mean his thing doesn't look like a sex anymore, it has become a kind of Looney Tunes by-product.

He probably has a girlfriend with a similar tattoo on her pussy. ;)

- or maybe something like the tattooed pussy they show on that tattoo site. :eek:
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Waaaahhh, that picture is haunting me. How sick can you become? To get tattooed on the, eeerm, glans? Is that the correct term? What the fuck, I can't even imagine, how that must feel. No, that's wrong. I don't want to imagine.
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This one is great. You understand why Bush was president for 8 years...

[All failblog links are transitory, like the days of our lives...]
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When I look at a tattoo over and over again, it's kinda like listening to the same song over and over again. I foresee a temporary tattoo revolution coming. Tattoos can be great, for a short amount of time. Temporary tattoos are the way to go. " Temporary tattoos, impress your dumb friends without ruining your life" could be their pitch.
Not a big fan of billboards. Not sure why you'd want to make your skin one. I suppose if you can't create art, you might want to advertise it? Just wondering.

It turned out that the tattooist was right ; the girl lied, she wasn't sleeping, she was completely aware of what the guy was doing and didn't stop him because she first found the idea of having 56 stars on her face cool. It was when she realized how angry her father would be that she decided to invent a lie.

I saw a more weird-looking man than this tattooist in the underground a few days ago. Not only did he have all the face tattooed and pierced, but he also have his ears horribly distorted, implants under the skin of his hands and of his arms and...a wide hole between his inferior lip and his chin so that one can see his below teeth and gums even when he had his mouth closed " a very disturbing vision, I nearly felt sick while staring at him, imagining the pain such body modifications are bound to provoke"
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The nipple one, is funny. The pussy one I've seen before. The rest are disgusting...
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At least it is for a good cause, but 2 things:

1) I wonder how many sites will still be around in 5 years or if he'll just direct people to expired sites and
2) How much to get tattooed on him? What about That would be something that we could pool our money for.

Whichever tattoo I endorsed earlier in this thread is no longer #37. Can't remember which one it was, either. And tonight I forgot where I had parked my car earlier in the afternoon. No drinking involved. Good times.

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