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Why has this not been re-released? The full version that is (which I've never seen). Would love to see the whole thing, remastered, etc. Is it a rights problem? I know Hackford talks about the film in Born Into This but don't recall him saying anything about a re-release or lack-thereof.
I saw the half hour version once (doesn't include the reading in SF) and the scenes shown in Born Into This, but would really like to see the full version that was aired on PBS. It's got to be the ultimate documentation of Buk as his star was rising.
Taylor hackford film

there are so many well-informed bukowski fans out there that i am sure someone knows the answer to this. i am trying to remember the name of the film that taylor hackford did on bukowski. does anyone know this film? i used to have a taped copy of it, but lost it.
i would like to see it again, it was great.
well, thank-you very much chronic. it was a great film. i especially liked all the live reading segs and the run in with a woman in the liquor store who 'had hangovers at different times.'
also there was a very funny part where he was driving and saying how he loved LA and then flew into a rage at some bad driving in front.
i wonder if it is still available out there somewhere.
It is, on bootlegs. Check eBay.

The original one hour version is available if you know the right people, and the secret handshake. Or so I hear.
Full version of Hackford film "Bukowski"

I too would very much like to find a copy of this film. People mention the" full" 60 min version vs the "edited" 30 min shown on PBS.
However, in some of the Buk bios the film is reported to have been 90 mins long.
Does anyone know the correct details re the length and content of the original version? Is it available anywhere?
KCET say the original was lost, although their site has a couple of clips. I've seen the odd copy on ebay, but can't imagine the quality is great. Maybe there'll be an official release one day, but until then... we must be patient.
Bukowski Reads Bukowski

I was lucky enough to tape the 30 min version off PBS in the 90's....really good copy. Would love to see the full version. I have other documentaries on him but this one is the best in my opinion. I also have 13 cd's of his readings, live and at home....most of the books, and several videos. 2 of the audio recordings were filmed and are now out on dvd legitimately.
Now you just need to upload somewhere all the readings and the videos that are not available for purchase and share the links with us ;)
I've seen a version that was like 45 mins. Bukowski is so raw and real in it. In Neeli's autobiography about Bukowski he writes about of Bukowski was so honest with Hackford. Honest about his success and failure. No fear. Totally exposing his soul. I think Bukowski really changes Hackford as an artist.
Thanks for putting that youtube vid up. I'll have to watch the other four clips as soon as I can. The man is mesmerizing. A quick question though about the first clip.

When they're in the liquor store, that old bag asks the cameraman what they are doing. The cameraman (Hackford?) replies "making a movie about this guy right here".

Bukowski: I'm a poet.
Old Bag: A what?
Bukowski: A poet.
Old Bag: A pollack?

Is that what she asks? It reminds me of that scene in Ham On Rye when Bukowski is at the hospital getting his boils drained and the following conversation occurs:

Doctor: Chinaski, what is that Polish?
Chinaski: No, German.
Doctor: How come nobody wants to be Polish?

Good stuff.
This morning, in of all places, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal which mentioned "some famous postal workers" and "Charles Bukowski"
is listed, along with Bing Crosby, Sherman Hemsley, Knute Rockne and "substitute clerk" Richard Wright. See attached, if I manage to upload it correctly.


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