Taylor Hackford's Bukowski Documentary On YouTube (1 Viewer)

Good find. I wonder how long it will be before it gets yanked.

I know of the 60 minute version and a 30 minute cut. Didn't know there was a 46 minute cut as well.

Brilliant job posting this. Hackford knows how to make a doc. Refreshing change from the indifferent video we are bombarded with; selective focus, tight portraits and wonderful editing. I never heard Bukowski's pronounced hubris captured here.
So glad to have seen the whole documentary now. It has a really nice style to it: short, intimate, to the point and most of all not filled with jabbering celebs. It's a pretty funny watch as well. The opening scene is hilarious (does the lady call him a Cola/Pola? :confused: ) and as per usual Buk's different attempts at accents crack me up.

Also it's great to see the interview with Linda King as well. (her laugh is wonderful)

Thanks for posting them;)
My favorite part was the aftermath of the City lights party. Seeing Buk all bloodied was classic. Also, it was classic watching him call the kid a fag to Norse and then explaining that it was the wrong thing to call him....

A Village Voice ad for the Hackford documentary.

villiage voice feb 17 1975.JPG
cleaned it up a bit. about 220mb single quicktime file now.

dl here:


i did the best i could with bad footage quality...brightened up and converted back to black and white, a lot easier to watch.

If it appears too bright on your monitor, turn the monitor down a bit. The original version was so dark/green it was hard to see much of the detail.

okay. good enough.

EDIT: disregard last post and see new thread with fixed link.


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