Teaser Trailer for Charles Bukwoski inspired short film - ALL THE GREAT WRITERS (1 Viewer)

Hi Big Buk Fans,

We have recently shot a short film called 'All the Great Writers' which is based on a Charles Bukowski short story of the same name. Whilst we are editing the full piece, we will be posting short teasers of the upcoming film. The aim is to recreate the essence of the original story and bring it to life in a way that might make old Buk proud. We are hoping to enter some major film festivals with the finished piece and are also considering other options too so your support would be greatly appreciated. I hope you like and will update when the next teaser is up and available.

Kindest Regards,



Let us know what you think and we hope you enjoy...
Does extra homosexuality sell? Maybe I haven't read enough Bukowski yet to be able to get that. The picture clarity looked good, though.
do you mean a 'teaser' as in teasing a person or animal until they attack you?

if so well done!
boy, there's a whole lot of 'acting' going on it that clip, isn't there?

it looks like you filmed an improv exercise halfway through the rehearsal process where the actors are trying to find their characters and are throwing everything they have out there to see what sticks; ill advised accents, hair clutching, lots of hand gestures, grab-assing.

it's too much.

I'm not trying to be a prick, just trying to tell you what I see as a film fan and a Bukowski fan.
I don't get it? Is there really a Buk piece that would reference whatever the heck is going on in this clip?
There's nothing in the story, "All The Great Writers", about a guy actually trying to suck the editor's cock. The guy says he wants to, but that's as far as it goes.
I've heard about "artistic license" but you're taking it too far, I think. It's like you're trying to "improve" upon Bukowski's short story. It's better to stick to the story.
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