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sorry to go waaaaaaay off topic, but I don't have anyone to ask and there are people here that probably have the knowledge. and I'm a twit in this area. anyway....
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I kid.
I have a blog thingy where I talk about unicorns and such and the blog host ( has a thing where you can have a www."yournamehere".com domain for $10 a year.
the money isn't an issue, I'm just wondering if this would be to my advantage, or if I should just stick with the blog host thing.
sorry to ramble, and if anyone has a view on this (if you can understand anything I've written here) it would be much appreciated.
would I look good with lady parts?
Twenty years ago? Maybe. But it's too late now. Put that dream to rest.

...( has a thing where you can have a www."yournamehere".com domain for $10 a year...I'm just wondering if this would be to my advantage...
I am probably biased since I have wasted the past dozen years in the web hosting business, but I think it's always in you interest to have your own domain name.

My advice would be;
- only go after .com (he types on
- get your name if you can
- no hyphens
- no numbers
- keep it as short as possible

Or -- ignore me and just get anything.

But it's worth the $, if only for the portability. If you leave blogspot you keep your domain, if you switch hosts, you keep your domain, etc.
i think .info domains are going to be hot commodities someday. i pretty much assume any .info domain is going to infect my computer with something.
Yeah, the new TLDs are pretty much all junk; .biz, .info, etc. Though they are handy insofar as they make blocking spammers email addresses easier.
Back in the old days (1998 that is), when everybody in Germany started to go online and all yourname.DE were taken, people started to use TLDs of other states (starting with Austria, then going through Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, etc) or .net, .org, (and later: .info, .eu). It seemed the next best idea then. Some started with .TV or equally fancy stuff.

Well, at least in Germany time has shown by now, that only .DE or .COM lasted in people's memories. (I once had roni.LI because .DE was taken from the start, but there was no use: all the time I had to explain the whole story when giving away the URL. Then I took roni2000.DE which seemed a pretty idea so just before the Millenium-thing, but you can guess...)

The .info - idea seems dead here. Same goes for .EU. Maybe they'll be back some day.

in short: if money isn't a factor, go for everything you consider of use. You'll see which works best for your purpose, come time.

(p.s.: you're into unicorn-stuff, eh? I do LOVE the book and movie by Peter Beagle!)
I've paid $100,- for a domain name, hhmm...
Well, this domain was $100, but it was kind of a bargain, considering they first asked for $5000. Ha.

But I have paid $2000 for a domain, and believe it or not, that seemed like a bargain at the time too.

It all evens out, I suppose, since the first few domains I registered for $0 (the NSA used to underwrite domain costs, way back in the dusty old days).
Who sets the price for a domain? Is it private people who have bought a lot of "hot" domains for almost nothing and then resell them for an outrageous price as an investment of sorts?
(a friend of mine wanted a domain named "snooker something. something and it turned out that some guy had bought all the interesting "snooker something. something domains)
Yeah, the people who buy up a lot of domains to resell are just speculators, and they can name any price they would like. I don't know if they make any money doing that. It's a lot of work for very little return. Seems like many of them are hoping for a million dollar score (extremely unlikely).

Like I said, the guy who owned wanted five grand for it when I first approached him, and after he realized he wasn't going to get that, we haggled and haggled and haggled and he settled for $100 (well, actually we didn't haggle, he said $5000, I said $100, then I just kept saying "no" until he relented. Ha.). That tactic will work with most of these clowns. They first quote an outrageous price hoping a sucker will buy. But you can wear them down to significantly less $. Remember, you are probably the only person who ever asked about buying the domain.

Sometimes people just register domains that they think they are going to use, but don't use them, then try to resell them. Though that's becoming more rare as the big speculating joints take over. The domain I paid two grand for was owned by some kid. But I (stupidly) started a business on the .net version, and that business started to take off, so I needed the .com. Unfortunately, the kid looked at the business on the .net site and saw $$. The little prick played me good, but there was nothing I could do. Ha ha. When the deal was done he thought he'd robbed me blind, and I was snickering because we were prepared to pay a few grand more than we did. So I guess you'd call that win/win. ;)

But yeah, those million-plus dollar domain deals you hear about, most of those people have owned those domains since the very early, free registration days. And everyone who was around back then has a coulda-been story to tell. Heh. Like the time the owner of offered it to me for $500, and I told him he was crazy. Yeah, I'm not really a visionary, I guess...
the website speculation business is such a waste of time. it's not like the old days when a company would have paid a million dollars for, because with the right publicity, you just turn your random name (like youtube) into a brand name anyway. my old boss owned hundreds of domain names, and the price he always quoted was $20,000. it was ridiculous, but he really thought that someone would bite eventually. he used to have me go through's suggested domains we should buy, based on the first 3 letters "myb" (since he had,, etc.), and it was great- i wanted him to get, which godaddy offered for only $300.
Someone would still pay a million for A generic name like that will always have a premium value. But outside of maybe a hundred names like that, there's nothing. At least as far as the, "I'm going to get rich off my domain name" types are concerned.

And is available right now for the price of registration! ;) Sounds like an old datapimp (RIP) domain...
well, I did it. I am now a WEB LORD. or WEB MASTER. or maybe just the guy who makes change at the arcade.....QUARTER MASTER!!! or MASTER BATER!!!!!
wait, what?
Thanks, mjp and jordan, for the answers! would be a great name for a bizarre sex porn site...:D

Congrats with your very own domain, hooch...

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