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Just heard the sad news that Teddy Pendergrass has passed away.

One of my favorite voices of all time and one of the most soulful in all of R&B.

The kind of voice that could overcome 1980's schlock like this:

Thanks to the over kill by the news media about the earthquake I have been avoiding the news. It's a good thing I have my friends here to keep me in touch with the world.
He was in very bad health since his accident 1982.
And them young-uns should keep in mind that when you listen to most any Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes song, you're hearing Teddy Pendergrass (lead vocals).
He was 59? For some reason I thought he was much older than that. Not much of a fan, but Snoop Dogg told me to listen to Harold Melvin in 1992, and so I did, and I liked a few songs.

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