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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
I slept well last night, am wearing new underwear, had a light breakfast, prepared two chickens for the rotisserie for later, had a ice cold beer and I'm having a good hair day.
How much better can this day get?:cool:

In this time of turmoil and grief it's nice to point out the good things that are still here. One of these days if you're having a great day please post it. I know a few of you may want to go all out porn on this but please keep it on the simple things in life.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to add, I'm reading Sifting Through the Madness by Bukowski.
I woke up, drove over to my uncles Salon, got a pretty nice haircut. Stopped by grandma's house in East L.A. to pick up some chicken soup(apparently my mom has caught the flu) drove over to moms house to deliver. She made me an egg omelette, a good one. I looked at some pictures she took at a graduation party and my dad invited me back over tonight for one of his famous fish frys! Apparently he spent yesterday fishing off the coast of San Pedro and will be fryin' it up tonight! So now I'm home, listening to some records, drinking a bit of whiskey and waiting to have some fish! Yup, I'd agree as Ice Cube said, Today is a good day! Though I think he actually said it was a good day? But I can say that tomorrow right!
Went to the Pride Parade this afternoon. Waved at Ernie Banks on the Cubs float ! Then I cut loose with a primal scream along with thousands of others as The Stanley Cup passed by on The Blackhawks float. High-fiving and toasting with strangers makes for a good day. Then stopped at a diner for a late breakfast which did not suck at all. And the waitress was friendly, too. So yeah, a good day here.
I am easy to entertain. For a good day I do not need more than two cups of fresh strong coffee in the morning, enough time for myself, a litre of good and affordable redwine in the evening, some weed perhaps.
@Ponder: I hope, you will recover soon :)
My family and I went out grocery shopping, we're watching Up before Wesley's nap, and I'm planning on doing some reading while he's out... Did I mention we're sitting comfortably at about 75 degrees here in PDX and I've got a similarly nice day off tomorrow? Ah, summer.
set up some water toy things for Sam in the backyard and his friend next door came over. they splashed and raised 6 and 7 year old hell.

had some friends over for a bbq, and a few bevvies. once Sam is in bed, my wife and I will have a few more bevvies and maybe a fire in the bbq.

like LTS said, "Ah, summer."
So first it looked like this....

and then after it was fried like this...

It was barracuda and calico bass! My dad caught about 15 fish yesterday right off the coast of San Pedro. I gotta say, it was the best meal I've had in about, well, in a long time. Tasty! It made today one of the best days in a while, so thanks Gerard, for starting the post!
been working my butt off on a 9 foot triptych and i'm about half way through as of yesterday, so i'm feeling pretty good. i posted a little pic of it so far on my blog. good, productive weekend.
I like it. But at only nine feet wide it's a little small to go anywhere in my chateau. Call me when you start to work in a large format.
This is a nice thread! I'll try not to ruin it with my neurosis.
I took out the garbage, the fruit flies have suddenly disappeared. What a relief that was.
I got to make a juicy tomato sandwich on rye, with a lot of mayo and black pepper, in peace.
But then, I sat down to eat it, and started wondering, where did the fruit flies go? Really!
^ Reading that without reading the rest of the thread, it sounds so exciting.

My day. WELL. I'm obviously co-dependent, because my first sentence was going to start with "my mother finally got a script for Zoloft from her shrink". They started her on 100mg, which is awesome, she'll be a zombie. (I know that sounds awful, but you don't know Herself). I accompanied her to the shrink, watched my brother for her in the psych ward (politically correctly renamed "the behavioral health unit"). The significant other was across the street at the heart doc, so he stopped in for a bit to say hi, only to walk in to another fun-filled, full-scale blow-out between my mother and myself. Then fun grocery shopping, now physical therapy at 4 as I feel my ability to walk slipping away from me more and more everyday! Fun shit!
I went to the races yesterday to watch the Danish derby (Bukowski would've loved to be there). It was a nice sunny day with lots of people attending. It was fun to see the creative hats many of the women were wearing. Lots of drama too. First a jockey fell off his horse and they had to call an ambulance to get him to the hospital. Then the jockey who won the derby race got degraded to third place because he had suddenly changed "lane" and thereby hindered another horse in winning (lots of boo-ing from the crowd who had bets on the "winner"). Anyway, I came away with $20 profit. Not much, but much better than loosing money, so it was a nice day at the races.
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I'm having good days since the weather has changed to heat; I simply love this climate. If I was to decide, I'd always have summer.

Yesterday was great because we went swimming from morning till late afternoon. Mone, Zoe and I are water rats. We took enough food with us, enough to drink and had a lot of fun. When we arrived back home, the exhaustion felt good, too.

Today's pretty great because I have auctioned a new meshcap with a black dragon design for a lot less of money than I would have paid in a shop.

And no, the seller's name is not Fearless Nigerian.
Not a bad day here, plenty of Jack to go around, no one's coming over till about 6pm and yesterday spent the day with a girl I really like at the Claremont Blues and Brews festival. I must say the 2.5 ozs of beer samples were nowhere near enough and the blues was just old recycled songs by blues type bands, but the company was very, very good.
Just got back from two decent firework displays. But what made the night was some rogue pilot who decided to fly around, and then through, the fireworks. I'm sure of two things: Alcohol or drugs were involved; and that I will be reading about it in the papers tomorrow.
After 2 days of depression about the inevitable expense, I fixed our gas dryer myself. Three trips to my local appliance parts and sales store and only $69.50 plus some hard work. All while my loving wife encouraged me with her faith in my capabilities.
Now not to ruin this great day with too much drink. There is some lemonade and vodka around.

I love it when a plan comes together.
Today was very good, even with eight hours of retail labor.

After work, my wife and son showed up and my son and I went to the mall, and had a spectacular fast food style chicken teriyaki meal. He's copying everything I do, so I suffered through some veggies so he'd have some (and it worked!), then we walked around inside for almost an hour so we wouldn't have to go back out into the sticky-sack near 100 degree weather outside. Then we came back home, shared some ice cream, and he went to bed without much protest.

Simple days are great.
it's stinking hot here also so I buckled under and got my hair cut and now I'm not so hot!

the downside is I look like Clark Kent's middle-aged, beer-bellied, possibly gay brother.

but I'm not sweating as much, so it's a win.
it's stinking hot here also so I buckled under and got my hair cut and now I'm not so hot!

the downside is I look like Clark Kent's middle-aged, beer-bellied, possibly gay brother.

but I'm not sweating as much, so it's a win.

You mean something like this! Congratulations!
All I know is Ponder is going to be pissed that you posted that picture of him...

I don't think so. He actually looks great in this photo with the wig on. :D
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There is only one side of the bed.
Black Swan and I are sleeping together in a self made box bed.

very cozy.

I can tell by the beam on the left that this house isn't exactly new. nice.
two years ago today, i stepped off a plane in the US for the first time. i also met my husband in person for the first time. so that was probably one of my Greatest Days.
Justine, thank you for getting us back to your very great day. Even me hearing about that day of yours at that time was heart warming, to all of us. Well, most of us.

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