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Hi all,

Anyone interested in affordable wine? The new column is up at the URL in my signature.

This one is a one-of-a-kind edition on box wines!

Yes, not class in a glass, but semi-class in a mylar bag.

Hope you enjoy ....

thanks harry. i've been into the quality boxed wines for a year or so and really like them. i usually go for Black Box which runs about 22 bucks. i'm all about semi-class!!!
I just came from my neighbors- they are all about saving money- I am giving them your web address. One guys wife is trying to get him to buy wine in the box. He's Italian and thinks it has to be in glass. She's just a good old American lush and wants a bargain. The box would be good for her because he wouldn't be able to notice how fast she's drinking it.
I'll let him read your good words and then she can drink to her hearts content.
Thank you Harry. I am quarter-class.
Almost forgot ... the new wine column is up!

Hi guys, special box wine edition of Ten Dollar Tastings is now online. Probably something I won't do again, but one of my readers suggested it and I said, what the hell! Just follow the link in my signature. Cheers!

Do I tend to repeat myself, repeat myself? But I do think that half class or quarter class is more than most people have. James, I'll try the Black Box and see what that's like. Thanks for the tip. And Kurt ... I cracked up at the story of your Italian friend and his lush wife. You're right, box wines sound like the perfect solution! He can get the wine cheap, not worry about the quality, and she gets to get polluted without any hassle!

P.S. One trick I learned from growing up in a dysfunctional family: Disguise everything. Tell your Italian friend that he can pour the wine into a carafe or an empty bottle and nine out of every ten people won't know the difference.:)

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