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Welcome - been browsing for a while, decided to get off my ass and register.

Been a fan of Bukowski since a couple years before he died, starting with Burning in Water. Tore through all that stuff when I was young, drunk, and starving. It's probably cliche to say I like Post Office and Women the most, but I love the underbelly of LA, and he always hits it spot-on.

Prized possession is a copy of Crucifix in a Deathhand - wish I could afford more, just like I wish I would have bought that '69 Z-28 in high school when it was only a couple thousand, instead of the cost of a house. I used to live in Seattle, go to the UW rare books room, and worship their collection of old chapbooks and rarities.

Been writing for years too, although my stuff tends to be more bizarro/absurdist. I also published a zine for a long time, put out a lot of fellow drunks, bums, sodomites - good people. Hope to bump into a few more of you here.

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