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Thank for adding me! I have been reading Bukowski for about 20 years now and didn't realize until I began reading him that one of my favorite movies, 'Barfly' was actually about him (more or less) and actually had him doing a cameo. I watched it regularly until that and just started watching it even more. While I enjoy his poetry a great deal, I began with his novels. I wouldn't say I prefer one over the other, necessarily. Novels are just poetry in a different form (and vice versa) in my mind. I used to teach English at both the high school and college level. Now I just work at a university (this is what happens when you move from location to location without having a plan in place).

I do write myself, including poetry, short stories, essays, and I'm working on a couple different novels (one is a follow-up to the first). I'm torn on the self-publishing idea versus the riskier never being published at all, but wanting to go with a real publishing house, so for now, all my finished work (I write longhand and use manual typewriters for all first draft) gets stored in binders and is digitally saved onto a computer in 2nd/3rd draft stages on hard drives. It will be here waiting if I die before someone discovers me (as a writer, not my body).

Anyway, thank you again for the add. I look forward to some fun discussions.

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