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more crickets than friends
Am I the only one excited, I mean I'm literally counting the days!

Ha, I have discovered that's usually the best time to play Rockband, when mom is drinking and singing everything from the Clash to the Strokes! Well I certainly hope the family cares enough to get it for me, it would be a welcomed surprise!
Don't take this the wrong way, but why not take one's playing out into public and see if the public accepts it? I know that it's fun and all that; but really. If you don't have the guts to really do it on a real instrument, in front of real people, then why would you take a bunch of sancrosanct songs and potentially denegrate them for your enjoyment? OK, leave it in your home. That's fine.

To me, music is a dynamic thing that requires daily interpretations. How are my fellow musicians playing? What mood am I in? What does the crowd need?

Sometimes I hammer my bass, other times I caress notes from it (mostly, it's the former). All I'm saying is: Rockband ain't performing, it's miming. Who wants to be an expert at that?

You know, just my opinon.
it's a video game. it ain't Wembley. although maybe nervas' mom wants to go on the road with you. check with his dad first.

I'm not sure where you're headed with this, PS. I'd rather the people who can barely play stay in the basement and pluck out "Smoke on the Water." open mike night is bad enough as it is.

I sang in quite a few bands in high school. I was in high demand. only because I was boy pretty and had appropriate hair. but I know enough not to trot out my Joe Strummer warblings onto the world. that doesn't mean I can't sing in the shower.

haven't you seen American Idol?
Hahha. No I'm sure my mom would prefer to NOT go on tour with anyone at this point. The MOM I was referring to was my 33 year old girlfriend! Oh man, that has me laughing, especially since MY MOM is not much of a Beatles fan anyway.

But yes I get the point about live music, real instruments. I played in too many crappy garage bands to count, and certainly even playing in front of 10 friends is more fun then Rockband. But with all these hours spent at work, taking kids to football practice 5 days a week, making sure the teenage daughter still gets to go see the "Yeah Yeah Yeah's," "The Raconteurs" or whatever other band is making its way through Hollywood....well Rockband has become an outlet at times. Especially when MOM, the 33yr old one is drinking and singing! Sometimes ya just can't beat the memories that come from it.
I enjoy these music games, but... I would never spend money on them myself. I like playing once a month or so for a few hours, but if I'm going to while away my time on video games, I'm going to be blowing heads off of mutants and stabbing mythical creatures with a sword or something.
Well, first of all forgive my zeal, as it were. I guess my point is that music to me is something that comes out, not something I try to force out and align all the notes to how someone else originally played them. I suppose my having played in a symphony orchestra sullies my argument a bit, but there's still shading of tone and all that.

Lastly, to reduce something so sacred as the Beatles catalog to a damn video game just goes up my ass sideways.

But hey, Nervas, enjoy it if that's your thing.
I know. Don't care for it, but who am I to have an opinion that matters in this particular case? So, his agreeing to it also goes up my ass sideways, but so what?
Haha. I hear ya, but does this also go up sideways... Yoko Ono says ""All of us are actually pretty hip, so we said yes," she explained. "I'm personally very excited. [The game] lets you participate in a way where you're really [immersed in] the music.

"With so many young kids into The Beatles, it's a start to a beautiful new page in [the band's] history. Maybe they'll start to make music and not just listen to it, and really understand what it's about."

Ok, I'm done. Just busting balls. Buy hey if Yoko says it's cool, I'm there!
Say what you like about Yoko; she's handled Lennon's estate with class.

As for this:
Maybe they'll start to make music and not just listen to it, and really understand what it's about."
Just to be clear; Rockband is not making music. It's attempting to mimic it on a piece of plastic. No changing of strings; no callouses, no adjusting truss rods, no lugging amplifiers into stinking, shitty clubs, no sweating under spotlights, no dealing with asshole drunks who try to steal your rig or axe, or both while you're loading out to a parking space 500 yards away from the stinking, shitty club...
I'll bet 75% of the kids who buy this game know, at most, two or three Beatles songs, and those only partially. If this is the way the kids take their music these days, so be it. Some baby boomers are programming this shit and at least trying to hip them to some old sounds.

The game itself, pushing the buttons on the little plastic guitar, is about as gay* as it gets. But I don't hang around any kids so I don't have to deal with it.

*And not the good kind of gay.
I have confirmation. purple, myself and nervas' mom (his real mom, not his old lady) are going on the road.

we will be doing all Doors songs. by all, I mean 2. the first one will be "L.A. Woman". I will stumble out on stage, late, grab the mic and fall to the ground. for 45 minutes I will mumble the line L.A. woman, you're my woman, over and over. purple and nervas' mom (again, his real mom, not his old lady) will vamp.

when I piss myself, that's the cue for the band to segue into "Riders On the Storm." during this number, I will fetal and grunt something about Native Americans.

we will not be playing New Haven.

thank you and good night.

and to purple's point, I tried playing Guitar Hero once and I couldn't do it because it seemed the complete opposite to actually playing the guitar.

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