The Bell Tolls For No One - New Buk Story Collection From City Lights

I really like a lot of the horse racing stuff. "Horsemeat" is a personal favorite, and I love the one about finding a wallet in the crapper. Or the one about the guy with no arms taking a long time to place his bet. Am I correct in understanding though, that all of the "On....." series is just collected from stuff I already have?
tomorrow, Thursday the 29th
oh, boy! I wish I could be there! Too bad, it's a tiny little bit too far from my place, dammit!
Have a great lot of fun David! (and Mary if she be with you on the trip)

@Corey: The "On..."-series contains all new, uncollected material. It is, however, not edited by the editor of 'The Bell Tolls' (David), but by Abel (cirerita).
You're welcome.


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I am reading this one right now and the story with the monkey ("Dewey") is cracking me up. When the protagonist wakes up the sleeping monkey by whispering in his ear: "The white American male rules the universe!" :D:D

Genius Bukowski.
Saw this just recently in a bookstore window on my way to work, didn't realize what it was, I might have to stop in tomorrow to take a gander...
The story on pg119 is quite political for Him I thought. As he writes:

"I don't even know how to end one of these things. I guess like this: END."

This bit speaks to the pacifist in me and was probably something he had toyed with for years given his history:

"Here were men who had flown in bombers and had dropped thousands of tons of explosives upon cities and people. Here were killers being honored as heroes...We here in America have imprisoned men for much less, fed them badly, and they were hardly heroes when they came out."
I had no idea this one came out until now. I've been keeping my library copy in my front pocket and whipping it out every once in awhile when I have spare time. Anyone else find it easy to do this with? I'm glad they made it so comfy, man, fits right in the trousers.

Later homies.
German edition out now.
Same same but different.

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