The Best Buk Documentary

Does anybody have a best Buk documentary? I found this one on Youtube which is pretty good:

Born Into This



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This is no doubt the best Buk documentary and I´m sure most of us have it on DVD (the DVD have about 2 hours of bonus material). That does´nt mean the other documentaries are´nt interesting too, but I think "Born Into This" is the best one because it covers Buk's whole life and has interviews with the people who knew him best.
I noticed in this documentary that there were a lot of interviewees credited at the end, but very few of them actually made it into the film. I think the likes of Sean Penn and Bono (especially) could have been dropped for people like GypsyLou or Ann Menebroker (or the many other people who knew Buk for much longer and more intimately). I wonder if there will be an extended version (of maybe 4 hrs or more) with these people included at some point?


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There are some people who only made it into the 2 hour bonus material on the DVD
such as Amber O´Neill who reads a bit from her book, "Blowing My Hero", about when she met Buk.
I think many of us agree Bono did´nt have anything to do in the documentary. Gypsy Lou or Ann Menebroker and a lot of other people who knew Buk would have been a better choice. As for Sean Penn, well, at least he knew Buk, which Bono did´nt, except for having met him and talked to him a couple of times.
"Born into This" is the best Buk doc - love the bonus footage on the DVD...especially the at home reading he gives with Linda and the cats - very cool!
One scene that really struck me in this documentary was the interview with 'Cupcakes' who sang a song that Buk used to sing to her. I'd love to hear a duet with the both of them singing that song! That would be awesome!
Nice one! I wonder where Buk picked it up? Would that have been through his parents? 1929 - he would have been about 9 I think.
Thanks man, yeah Buk would have been about nine so I imagine it would have been through his parents but who knows. Cool song though, that's for sure.
I seem to remember that - years ago - we've talked about it here, including Bob Dylan playing that song on his radio-show, right?
She's the dog's balls!!!

I bought myself one of her Best of albums, 'Shave 'Em Dry', after being recommended her music by a friend of mine (who knows my tastes all too well!!!). Here's a favourite:

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That Bono sure is easy to dislike. he's all about raising moey for the starving & debt relief yet doesn't even lve in Ireland because of the taxes. He's one of the richest fuckers in the world and he cant even give back to his own.
Yep Bono is quite the douche bag. I believe Buk said something about him to the effect that he thinks he is fighting the system but he is the system...pretty damn astute assessment for way back then. He did say Bono's mother was a nice woman though if I remember correct.
It's a possibility, though I thought it was when Buk and Linda went to a show and were in some celebrity type box with Jack Nicholson and Bono and his mom. But if his mom died when he was young then maybe not. Maybe Bono just hired some old bird to stand in as his mom, haha...wouldn't put it past him.

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I think there are much bigger douches in the world than Bono, but please don't think I'm a fan or anything. Maybe he's still there, but I just think he'd be in the lower part of the list...
No Bono would have been great. No Bono and no Sean Penn would've been even better.

A great find for me was Harry Dean Stanton, who I thought read Buk's work superbly. But there were a lot of people who knew Buk from many years ago and who were credited at the end of the film, but didn't make it into the final cut for some reason. I think an extended version of those who knew him really well (from years back) would've made it more interesting. I'd like to see more of the real Buk than just his persona!
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