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yet doesn't even lve in Ireland because of the taxes
he does have a residence in Ireland, yet he's not living there all the time.
maybe that's because of the taxes, but maybe it's just because he's an asked for star travelling the globe all year to give concerts and such. Or he just likes the French wine (he got another residence in France).

He also has one of his recording studios in Dublin (Ireland). But at the moment he can't be there recording, as he's lying in a bed in Dublin to recover from an accident he recently had in NY.

And yes, I do agree that he didn't do any good in the documentary.


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a lot of people who knew Buk from many years ago and who were credited at the end of the film, but didn't make it into the final cut for some reason. I think an extended version of those who knew him really well (from years back) would've made it more interesting.
Well, anyone who buys the DVD will see those interviews, since they are part of the "extras." Those who watch it on YouTube get what they pay for.

I never really thought the the inclusion of Bono and Penn added anything, but I understand it. They are big names, and for most people, ringing endorsements by big names bestow legitimacy onto a thing. Most film bios follow the same formula: a bunch of recognizable people talking about how great the subject is/was.

As for those two dudes specifically, if you measure douchebaggery in the entertainment world on a scale, I would think they are near the bottom. In other words, most people in the wonderful world of entertainment are far bigger douchebags. On the Harvard University douchebag measurement scale.

Bono is interesting, because when U2 was coming up, he was an earnest guy. He thought he was in the Clash or something. Out there in the trenches, saving the world from itself. But when they got very, very famous, the star act and huge spectacle shows they put on felt a little like taking the air out of the whole concept of stardom to me. There was some irony there. Maybe there wasn't, and they are all pompous turdsicles. I don't know, I don't really follow them. I know I saw a show on that War tour, and I walked in actively disliking them - or more specifically, their sound - and walked out convinced they were for real.

Anyway, what would you prefer, interviews with professors, politicians and pizza chefs? More insight from his computer repairman?
You could leave out the professors, but interviews with former landlords, old friends, fellow drunks / barflys, neighbours, acquaintances, members of law enforcement, former fellow inmates, his plumber, etc. I think any of these in place of Bono giving crap, shallow insights (and simply reading his poetry) would be a significant mark up!
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