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The biggest pirate web location for Bukowski content in the world (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Here's a nice little nod to Bukowski.net...
p.s. no I don't use the words "uncollected" in my listings but since I brought the subject of Bukowski.net I should ask respectfully, regardless how wonderful that site is, if you respect a man's life work (as they claim) I would advise to only enjoy the chat lines. As such things go on the web they can get very shallow and there always seems to be someone enjoying the thrill of taking pot shots and low blows at anyone an everyone. Despite this irritant it can be useful and interesting. But stick with ONLY the chat lines because all the poems and art work they have posted, realize what they are, they are the biggest pirate web location for Bukowski content in the world. So it's like they have taken the life work of Bukowski (his poems and art work) and are giving it away free to anyone in the world that has a computer, iPad or smartphone for free, 24/7. If you think that is perfectly fine then obviously you are not a writer nor have something published that someone took upon themselves to give away for free. Do exactly as you wish I'm just giving my own opinion.
I sent him a message addressing his issues with buknet. he has since revised the listing.
If he doesn't understand the research component, he's retarted. You can pick up all the primary Black Sparrow books for $5 or less on the USED market, where none of the royalties are being paid. It's a non-startet of an argument.
If Scott Harrison really feels that some great injustice is being done here he has every right to say so. It's his opinion, and he's entitled to it.

Having said that -- both the estate and HarperCollins are aware of the bukowski.net site and what it contains. In fact, HarperCollins uses text and information from the bukowski.net site on their own Bukowski pages.

So any kind of war Harrison is waging against me or the site is only taking place inside his own magnificently weird head.

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