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After months of cataloging, The Buk Shop officially opens Friday April 5. 2024.

As the name implies, The Buk Shop is solely focused on Charles Bukowski, featuring signed books, manuscripts, broadsides, chapbooks, drawings and paintings, films, readings, and magazines.

I’m not exaggerating in any way when I say that I could not have written the descriptions nearly as well if it were not for the database. The forum too, but especially the database. So, a huge thanks to Hannah for building and maintaining it all these years.

As you can see, David Barker allowed me to use his linoleum woodcut for the letterpress announcement, so a big thank you to him. I also had some lapel pins made up, so send me a message with your address if you’d like one.


I put a lot of work into the descriptions, so hopefully folks here will find them useful. There are also multiple photos of each item. Longtime members can use them as they see fit, but please don’t abuse the photographs on social media – I’m selling them, but someone else owns the rights.

Once I have a minute to take a breath, I’ll add a news section (ex. Abel’s new book) and a blog with interviews with various people on collecting Bukowski (David Barker will be first). Although the shop is focused solely on Bukowski, I would also like to support the small press in some way. Nothing I do will replicate anything the forum is already doing.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the forum and database over the years!
Wow, the shop is amazing! A great many cool items, many I've not seen before. I'm honored you chose my block print as the illustration on your flyer -- thanks again for that. This catalog will take some exploring and digesting, but my first impression is that it's a hell of an offering. Hope it's a success for you, and have fun doing it.
I've been checking out the catalog and am very impressed. You've got a lot of rare, high-quality items, all very well described. It would be a shame to lose all that information once the items get sold. Have you considered keeping the listings but marking them as "SOLD" and maybe moving them to a different page once they're no longer available? I know many auction houses do that, and it's useful information for anyone doing research on rare books such as these. Just my two cents.
I put up some new items in the shop if anyone wants to take a look.

I've said this before: I'm not using the forum to explicitly sell stuff. These items are usually things I might have previously added to different places in the forum and still will, but I don't have as much time now. Anyone can take these images and descriptions and post them as they see fit -- here or elsewhere.

One other thing: If anyone spots anything incorrect in my listings, feel free to let me know and I'll correct. This forum represents a huge knowledge base that continues to make new discoveries all the time. I am by no means all-knowing... The most exciting thing for me is someone sharing something I didn't know.



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