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So I thought there must be some wannabe writers (perhaps even actual writers) here at a Buk forum. Don't know if this has been discussed already, but I'd like to get together a kind of Bukowski Canon, if you will. Who inspired him, who have been inspired by him, what other writers, filmmakers, artists etc. do you think should be mentioned? And if you write, or would like to, which writers do you find the best for inspiring you?

In the preface of J. Fante's Ask the Dust Bukowski speaks of two bitter Germans, who he clicked with but eventually got bored of. So Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Btw, in Ecce Homo Nietzsche states that Schopenhauer was completely wrong in everything he ever said or wrote.

In his work Bukowski also mentions a pile of writers. Tshehov, Hemingway, McCullers...

But everyone who has a passion for Buk knows these things and these main writers he 'approved'. More interesting would be to discuss and expand the Canon.

I'll start of with Alan Moore's anarchist graphic novels. Moore writes, quite frankly, about being alone in the sick society. And that's pretty much how one could summarize Bukowski's writing.

So, please help me expand my horizon!
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