The Bukowski/Martin relationship, part II (1 Viewer)


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This time I'm uploading a couple of examples where Bukowski shows how much he trusts Martin. In fact, he even admits not remembering a "single argument about anything"! Well, well, well :rolleyes:

1982 john.jpg 1992 john.jpg
Hmm, he says, "Short journal entry enclosed" in that second one. That makes me wonder if everything in The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken over the Ship came from the original ONTHEBUS journal entries, which I've always assumed they did.

Both Martin and Jack Grapes, editor of ONTHEBUS, claimed that the journal format was their idea. I'm not at home so I can't look to see the date of the first journal pieces in ONTHEBUS, but I remember them being so unusual that I wrote to Grapes asking if it was his idea to have Bukowski do them, and he said it was...

Untangling all this shit seems impossible sometimes. Heh. And once it's untangled, then what?

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