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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Thanks to everyone who purchased Buk periodicals over the holidays. I removed the direct links to the items below because the auctions ended and they'll no longer work. But you can still find the items below and others on my eBay listings.

Happy New Year!

Periodicals Pricing:
15% off one item
20% for two or more
(I can also definitely discount 10% more more on books.)

U.S. Shipping:
$2.00 for one item
$3.00 for two and up

International Shipping
Actual Cost

If you're interested in buying anything, just PM me with the titles.

Exchange Copy of WW 53
With Special Charles Bukowski section (55 Beds In The Same Direction). Contains 9 Bukowski poems, 7 of which were never published again (the other 2 were published after his death). This copy is in Very Good to Near Fine condition with some sunning to the spine and some wrinkles near the staples that appear to have resulted from the original publishing process.

Cover Photo of Charles Bukowski in London Magazine (1974)
Contains “Would you suggest writing as a career?” and an advertisement for the upcoming UK version of Post Office. Ex-library, but near fine.

A Visitor Complains of My Disenfranchise
1/225 in fine condition.

Ghost Dance 12
Published by Hugh Fox, an early Bukowski proponent who wrote an early critical study of his work. Contains the poem “The Poet’s Muse.” Very good to near fine condition with some foxing and sunning to the spine.

An uncommon, very artsy magazine published in 1972 by Sepharim in Moorpark, CA. It contains two uncollected Charles Bukowski poems: Down on the ro and Iron and stone. Near fine.

Announcement for Letters to a Young Poet
A proposed book of letters from Bukowski and fellow poet Steve Richmond. Although some prototypes were made in the late 1960s, the book never came out. Measures 8.5 x14 inches and is in fine condition.

Wormwood 133
The first issue published after Bukowski’s death. Malone informs readers on the last page of the issue: “Wormwood has 84 more unpublished C.B. poems in stock, so C.B. will appear here through Issue 158.” Unfortunately, Malone died a couple of years later and Bukowski poems appeared only through Issue 144.

EXCHANGE Copy of WW 43
Contains 4 Bukowski poems, 3 of which were never published again (the other one was published after his death).
The Light Of Jesus - pg. 120
Fleas In My Brain - pg. 120
The 1930s - pg. 120
A Northern Acquaintance - pg. 121

All four poems are very good, but the last one is particularly interesting because it is a rather harsh poem about Al Purdy.

Exchange copy of Wormwood 44
Contains 3 Bukowski poems, none of which were ever published again:
Something On Berlioz - pg. 132
The Butcher - pg. 133
My Landlady - pg. 134

The special center section features numerous poems by Sandy Dorbin, Bukowski bibliographer and critic. Ben Pleasants, Al Masarik, Lyn Lifshin and Ann Menebroker also have contributions in this issue.

Translating Bukowski and The Beats
9-page booklet containing an interview with Carl Weissner, who translated Charles Bukowski’s work into German and made him famous in Europe. In addition to the interview and photographs, there are reproductions of nine Bukowski letters dating back to 1966.

Wormwood 138
Published in 1995, shortly after Charles Bukowski died. This issue (hand-numbered 288/700 copies printed) contains three Bukowki poems:
Interview - pg. 92
Snapshot - pg. 93
The Fool Dines Out - pg. 94
(Snapshot was never collected in any books.)

The Cockroach Hotel (1/500) with Charles Bukowski Intro
The Cockroach Hotel is an oversized chapbook with poems by William Hageman, a member of the "Meat Poetry" school and the editor of "The Willie" out of San Francisco.
Bukowski wrote a one-page intro and Doug Blazek also wrote a forward.

Charles Bukowski: A Critical and Bibliographical Study (203/300)
This is a good, solid readable copy of a hard-to-find book that is usually quite pricey. It is ex-library, but I believe it’s first edition and is hand-numbered 203/300, but obscured by the library cardholder. Published in 1968 and covers all of his workup to that point, from 1944’s Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip to 1968’s Poem’s Written Before Jumping Out of An 8 Story Window.
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hey Pogue, this following idea of mine is a bit selfish (not in favor of me but all of us here):
you have a bunch of pics of archival interest in these auctions.
To get to each auction and save each pic one by one would eat up a lot of time for us. Would you be available to make a zip-file of all the pics you've got on your computer anyway and put it somewhere for us to download?
Honestly Roni, that's the whole reason I deal with periodicals in the first place. No one wants them for resale, but a lot of the time this is what the great editor missed... because he couldn't keep track of what the great writer was up to in the 70s, 80s and 90s (especially the 90s)

These days the great editor is creating his second collection of pre-1969 periodicals... My guess is that he sold the first collection to a college or elsewhere for big bucks and that he plans to do the same with the second... The other guy rebuilding his pre-1969 collection is Fogel and I'd like to see them get into a cage match over Bill's "Magazine Five." My money's on crazy ass Fogel... After all, he found Bukowski first...
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Hey, this is huge indeed.
PM &
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Holy Crap Pogue you have an insane amount of stuff. To quote Wanda in Barfly "Did you kill somebody?" You're collection really is impressive. All of this stuff is too cool.

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