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Last week, Lemper premiered her new show -The Bukowski Project- where she sings some B. poems. She did so in a small theater 30 minutes from my place, but I missed it because I don't read the papers, don't watch TV, etc, but a friend just told me that she had read a review in a paper. Apparently, it's quite a good show and Lemper will perform the songs in some other places next year (the review mentions New York, Italy and some other Spanish cities).

Since I know your command of the Catalan language is excellent, here's a few of links about The Bukowski Project:

And a vid:

That guy, Mario Gas, is not "playing" Bukowski, but reading his poems. He's a well-known director in Spain.
Thanks, cirerita! - Google Translate did an acceptable (readable) translation of Catalan into English of the review.
When you find out when it hits New York, let me know. We were thinking of going soon, and I want to be sure not to be there when this is taking place. Thanks.
Ute Lemper, please don't do this. You did enough to ruin your reputation, please don't make it this worse. Are you listening?
A fiasco, ladies and gentleman, at least according to the review below:

The opening 90 minutes were awfully bad -Lemper and Gas duetting or whatever they did was downright terrible. Only when Lemper sang her old repertoire of K. Weill and B. Brecht stuff, after the intermission, the show was good enough.

I can see some forum members grinning like a devious Cheshire cat...
She probably had problems controlling her hands, that's why. I mean, can't she hold them like a normal human being?




Now all she has to do is drop a mail to Valerian and everything will turn out alright.
She's mentioning Bukowski wrote about alcohol sex and.... "drugs" - hardly.

And what's up with her pushing the grocery store cart??? Does that mean what I think it does?

Good God Almighty - a classical pianist reciting, and now THIS!
Who gives a shit what Ute Lemper does? I could stop a thousand people on the street and not one of them would know who she is. I think you could stop 100,000 or a million people and get a blank stare from every one of them. So who cares. VALERIAN is more well known than her.

And before you jump in and say she's very famous in Scandanavia or France, I'm talking about the real world. The important part.

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