"The Charles Bukowski / Second Coming Years" by A.D.Winans (1 Viewer)

So I finished this book few weeks ago and I have mixed feelings about it...

Sure, some episodes cover interesting facts about Bukowski life, but some parts of the book goes off topic or tells about A.D.Winans own adventures. Also there's a feeling throughout the book that A.D.Winans really didn't know Bukowski that well. I'm not sure if exchanging letters and meeting the person for few times is enough material for a book - more like for an article.
Did you read -> The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski and the Second Coming Revolution
or: the first shorter version, published by beatscene press?

I found it a good read.

Winans: "It was a seventeen year friendship".
I believe Winans.
i read The Holy Grail back in whatever year it came out and recall liking it. it seems to me that it's fine to stray from bukowski since it's not just about him, but also Second Coming mag and that whole era. the mimeo revolution maybe?
Did you read -> The Holy Grail: Charles Bukowski and the Second Coming Revolution
Nope - I'll add "The Holy Grail" to my list.

Don't get me wrong - the book is not overall bad, I just wanted add some criticism.

17 years of friendship, yes. But it was mostly through letters. In Bary Miles book I noticed that some Bukowski relationships that were based on letters ended when penfriends met in real life. I assume that image given by letters is different from real life story. I guess I would enjoyed the book more if it was 17 years of intense real-life experience and just few letters, not the other way around.

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