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Perhaps its not just uncollected stuff?

Who do I need to tap up for a proof of this baby?
No mention of it on the HarperCollins website, but they only go about 90 days out on upcoming releases. It would be nice to get an ARC of this. You can sign up on the HarperCollins website; it looks like you might be able to get an ARC that way.

I wonder if they are going to subtitle this "The Last, Final, Ultimate, We Really Mean it this Time, Book of Poems." :D

Good to see more words coming out regardless.
I've been still amazed how productive Buk was.
What was his advise to Richmond again...drink, fuck and write?
Well...he drank first before he started typing.
And the third advise; some do, some don't.
The true extent of B's prolific output will be in your hands sooner than later, so to speak ;)
I wonder if it's part two of Pleasures...
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Me neither! But I wonder why it's so big. Buk's poetry collections are usually not over 400 pages, and this one is 576 pages. That's why I think it might be something like Pleasures.
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No way.
Do you really think we would discuss such a thing in the public forum :)
Nah, no binders involved here. I'm still receiving tons of copies from several libraries. Don't worry about the binders, Roni, they're safe here.
I heard a while ago from a pretty reliable and inside source that the next collection was going to be less than 200 pages, but all uncollected poems. But who knows. That seemed a bit thin for a release from Ecco/HC. Let's just hope they aren't padding it out with a lot of already published stuff.
Wow wow. Still stuff there. Amazing.
The basis of the book is supposedly much older uncollected work, pre-BSP, even pre-Webbs. So this wouldn't include anything from his later period (you know, when he made a special, secret mark on the manuscript that meant, "this is so fantastic it must be not be published until after my death" ;)).

So any kind of padding they do will have to be with older work, or it's just going to be an ugly mix and match grab bag. Not that it would bother anyone in the corporate publishing world to release an ugly mix...
576 pages ... That's a monster!

well, as far as I know, the BIGGEST compilation of Buk-poems has been published, where? right! Germany!


439 poems!
988 pages!
I just requested an ARC through my editor. Lots of interesting stuff coming out in the fall: a posthumous Updike poetry collection that I'm looking forward to, for one, as well as a new Bolano title (the executor of Bolano's estate just announced yesterday that they located a sixth book of "2666").
So much for the "PLEASURES is DEFINITELY the last Ecco book of Buk poems" line.
I don't care if 99% of it is crap - if I can get one more "new" poem from Buk that moves me so long after his death, it's worth it.
That's good news! Let's hope it'll be one of the better posthumous books...
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I just got the advance proof. The book is solid. REALLY SOLID.

I was happy and surprised to see that the full 20 poems of "as Buddha smiles" are included as one poem in 20 parts.

If there is interest, I'll list the table of contents.


died 9 april 1553
thanks for the luck
my art form
full circle
the continual condition
let's have some fun
to kiss her long dark hair
the recess bells of school
the wasted profession
the strange morning
feeling good in the new neighborhood
this kind of fire
tough cob
the last race
my soul is gone
the theory
more than ow
dog times
I might get traded
faux pas
about a worried reader of my works:
the agnostic
a good place
the legend
you've seen it on the barstool next to you-
a hot sweaty day in August
news item
this flag not fondly waiving
my answer
under the suckerfish sun
I am chastised
a fine madness
a consistent sort
the old movie star
trying to dry out
before the 7th race
morning after
heavy dogs in cement shoes
down the hatch
listening to the radio at 1:35 a.m.
perfect silence
mirror mirror on the wall
parts dept.
dear editor:
lack of a common interest
I'm upstairs now
as Buddha smiles
what have I seen?
a correspondent wrote bitterly:
moving toward age 73:
I saw a tramp last night
mountain of horror
the last winter
bayonets in candlelight

Someone with more time on their hands than me could research these to see what mags some of these appeared in....

Many of those poems have been culled from Wormies and a few other littles from the 80s. Only 2-3 poems from the 60s. Five or six poems seem to have been previously published by BSP. Well, the titles are the same. But we know that doesn't mean much.

Too bad the book was not titled Bayonets in Candlelight.
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