"the courage is the sun" QUETZAL vol 1 no 3 Rare? (1 Viewer)

Picked this up on Abe.com. Don't know if it's rare?



It seems like a legit Buk poem and it's neither listed in the poems section nor the manuscripts section. Some of the real experts around here can be more helpful i'm sure. Nice find!
Most "little" magazines from from that era (or any area, really) are somewhat rare. I have never seen that one before. I would bet that they did not publish more than 200 copies of that mag. How many survived? Probably less than 50...

That does not always translate into a ton of cash, but it is a nice find, indeed.
It seems like a legit Buk poem
It's Buk all right. No one else I know pads poems lists terms in poems as he used to do:
the sun, the ladies, me and you, the bulls, the boxers, the shortstops, the writers, the hippies, the cops, the sellers of contraceptives, the writers of symphonies...
Thanks for the photos, Days!
Your welcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wonderful uncollected poem. The only copy of this little mag that I am aware of is in John Martin 's collection at OAC.


Another interesting tidbit I failed to mention concerning this quetzal: in the back under " contributors" the editor writes: "Charles Bukowski has a novel in progress; " The Poet & Post office" , a novel. I wasn't aware that title was considered as a possibility. Of course it was changed to "Post Office".
Those are two different books. The Poet was never finished/published. Though I suspect most of it was recycled and used in other things.

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