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Hi everybody !

My name's Richard and I'm from the old Europe (Switzerland exactly).
I'm reading the good ol' Hank since 13 years old ("Love Is A Dog From Hell" was my first Buko ever ! )
Until this first reading, I'm a proud Hank's fan and promoter.
I'm thinkin' this forum and website are references for Buk's fans ! Hope to correspond with you about Buk's art, life and other stuff.

I'm writtin' some poetry and shorts novels (in french) since 15-16 years old. Buke was the guy who encouraged me to write.

PS : English isn't my natural language, so I'm sorry for the eventuals mistakes.
Hi Black Swan !
My favorite book from the Uncle Buke ? It's hard to say. But, without a doubt, "Factotum" and "Ham On Rye" are both from his very finnest books. That's for the novels. For the poems, "Love Is A Dog From Hell", "Play The Piano Drunk..." topped the bill.
But making a "favorite list" is very hard.
Welcome to your new English workshop.
Welcome, CB. From what I've seen from you I hope you stick around. Too many new blood types shoot the shit briefly and are gone. Don't worry about your English, be sincere and that's universal. Post away.

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