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This was a pricey item from day one. I wonder how many of you got hold of it.

I think 2-3 poems remain uncollected. Martin printed the remaning 15-16.

I received the prospectus, but didn't purchase a copy. I've never seen one and would be curious to hear someone's thoughts about it...
I saw it a month or so ago at ART LA, which is supposed to be a fine art fair, but there were a couple of booths with books.

It's huge, that's for sure, and for what's inside of it, incredibly overpriced, in my opinion. But then I think Heat Wave is overpriced too, and Cruelty is in the same price ballpark.
I do, indeed, own a copy. It a big, beautiful hunk of book, but mjp is correct in that the published price was a bit hot. I doubt the resale price has moved north since its publication, but no matter. I've never bought a book as an investment. I do not own Heat Wave or Not Quite Bernadette because I think they are badly designed overpriced books. Cruelty is a BEAUTIFULLY designed and executed overpriced book. I like the content as well.
of Waterrow books,
Told me this was $995
at the time of publication...

Could some1 (nymark ;> maybe, or ____ )
list the poems in it?
(Unless Aaron has done a new biblio,
I don't know the details on such 'newbie' titles).

I've got a chance to buy this for about 20% off the original asking price
but wondering....

Hearing that its a BEAUTIFUL (et. all) book
Makes it damned tempting,
Investment purposes or not;

Yet, I can't think of many (any?!)
Buk books where the original published price is now
HIGHER than the present asking price...
Maybe this book will become even more affordable?!

I will say that not 2 years ago I asked a certain seller
(not Jeffrey)
About the best price he could offer,
(and it was a good deal then)
yet now his original offer is $100 more than his currently advertised price.

Makes me wonder,
What Buk books tend to increase in value in the long run...
Would be interesting to compare
Original Publication Price
Subsequent dealer resale price, then
to the now asking price.

Ok, thanks guys...
(thinking too much again)
$800 still seems like a lot of cake for that. To me.

But I like nymark's idea of not buying a book as an investment. I don't believe I have ever done that either. I try to get my hands on what I want to have around me.

So if this is something that you want to have around, I guess the price isn't that important.
When Joan was in Germany some years ago, she had one copy with her. It definitely IS a beautiful book. And it definitely IS overpriced.
You sure wouldn't buy it for the poems, but for the photographs which are fine and rare. So if you're into collecting art, like photographs, it might be a buy.
Is it a bound book within a "slip-case"?

Looks to me like it consists of many separate pamphlets.
They seem to be folded, letterpressed cards with a photo on one side (on the inside left) and the poem (on the inside right). Housed in a fabric covered clamshell box.

I have some of the overrun broadsides here...

I have seen this and looked inside..Its too big .. too much space inside..a box..
the design dont make it..for me anyway it was a disapointment once inside..a feeling of being let down..and thats rare with anythin related to Hank ...aint it?
Of course this is just my take..I am a big photo fan by the its not lack of interest
However this was a couple of years could be that I didnt look too close cus I could not of course afford the fucker!
all the best Rich
bill would be correct in the description. i picked up a copy on ebay not too long after it came out. i put in a bid knowing i wouldn't meet the reserve and the item ended(a little south of $600). then the seller contacted me, wanting to know if i would give what i bid(they obtained it free as it's a hors commerce copy), and after a day or two i caved and took the offer. i don't regret it one bit and the photos alone are probably worth the price....

although, the extremely white paper is a bit unnerving to handle, especially whilst drunk...
i could post the contents unless someone else is lookin' them back shortly

intro-joan levine gannij- i first met charles bukowski...
forward-carl weissner- here's a pleasant day in LA for you

bayonets in candlelight
hollywood hustle
too early!
back to the machine gun
listening to the radio at 1:35 a.m.
dear friends
it's all music

joan levine gannij-hank and georgia(not sure why this is listed since every poem has a photo next to it)

horses don't bet on people and neither do i...
carson mccullers
american literature II
runaway inflation
urban war
heads without faces/seen in all the places
cats and you and me

biographical notes
charles bukowski
joan levine gannij
carl weissner

that's it, word for word. i prolly should have just scanned it....maybe i will still

ok, it's been a few years since i've looked at this book. the sheet in the middle(joan levine gannij- hank and georgia) explains that the following photos of hank and georgia have never been printed before, etc...

i may just scan them (there's 8 of them together!) for you guys since they're pretty damn good...
No, it's a valid issue. If Gannij wants to engage in revisionist history and take credit for things she didn't do, she should be prepared for opposition. I just made a point that the "associate" reference was funny, given the history of the situation, and it is.

The whole thing is so inconsequential anyway. Ask Montfort or Alberts how rich they have become from their Bukowski photos. And we're only talking about one image here (the "iconic" Bukowski/Georgia picture).

I just like reading Gannij's son's descriptions of gag orders and legal intrigue. It amuses me. Colorful liars can be entertaining. Don't take that away from me.
I just like reading Gannij's son's descriptions of gag orders and legal intrigue. It amuses me. Colorful liars can be entertaining. Don't take that away from me.

I have to agree, maybe her son is a car salesman and a very bad one at that.
I think he fancies himself a lawyer, based on his last response (now you're fucked, you have libeled and slandered him!).

But then everyone is a legal expert on the internet.
As you know, you cannot slander someone on the computer, you can only libel them. Also, Libel is a civil issue and not a criminal one (which is why you cannot commit a felony by libeling them).

You can also google them, but that is for another discussion.

Bill Roberts, (not) Esq.
You are also entitled to your opinion. If my opinion is that the entire Gannij family appears to be Gypsy circus sideshow swindlers, well, that's just my opinion. It doesn't harm them as a species.

I am probably wrong about that anyway, being no more than a clown myself.
I think he fancies himself a lawyer, based on his last response (now you're fucked, you have libeled and slandered him!).

But then everyone is a legal expert on the internet.

For the many years I was a car salesman, I was always glad I was not ranked as having the worst reputation, that was left to lawyers.
A real lawyer wouldn't have used that "gag order" B S line.
You know I think gypsies were ranked lower than lawyers and a gypsy would act like that.
wish you all were here

Just thought I'd let you all know
I finally got my dirty hands on this book
(It arrived 3 weeks ago, and I just arrived at this particular pit stop).

I'm in Sonoma
and its raining on gold grass,
(and the eve of election day)
and WOW!, I'm loving this thing.....
and this day.
Wish you were all here.

Yeah, a couple of the poems I recognize
but so far my favs aren't ringing a bell.

I've never paid this much for a Buk book,...
Well more later,
just got a call.

Anyway, bought this book from Janis in Denver at
I'd been haggling with her (over the price) for exactly 2 years today
and now she's going out of business :<
Anyway, she's selling everything for 40% less
(and added that discount to our last lowest agreed amount!,
so got a great deal... )
so you might want to check out her inventory.
(She has no more Bukowski)
She's a good girl....

Oh, and I too was a little afraid to open (and play/feel) this book to begin with,
then I had some wine :)
and I'm all over it
A shame that the economy is wrecking a lot of small booksellers, but... well, on the plus side some of us can get really good deals out of this... perhaps in another 8 years things will turn around and people will rebuild their inventories...

Congrats on the lucky grab and enjoy the book. It looks nice in the few photos I've seen. Enjoy it and keep it safe. From wine stains or whatever else may go flying at it. ;)

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