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The curtains are waving... (1 Viewer)

Nice. If I had a spare $800 to toss away, this would really tempt me. Can't recall the last time I saw one of these -- years ago. Not that I've been looking. But given the condition & rarity and class, I'd say it's worth $800.
Yeah I know I saw Scott list it a few months ago... still out of my range of affordability, alas. Very nice condition, minus that one minor crease...
Yeah, and who has a spare $800 to toss away these days?

I recently bought an All the Assholes..., but I had to really sit down with myself and ask if that was necessary. Apparently, it was. But I'm done for a while. Well, except for the Wormies Christa will be sending...
Btw. I've often been wondering if Scott is here. Is he? If so: Hi Scott, come out of the dark and say hello baby! Or maybe you're just lurkin'? Come on, talk to us!
Used to own a copy of this. A very delicate little book. After awhile I realized it was too much of a museum piece, I couldn't sit and flip through the pages and enjoy it, so I sold it. This was back before eBay and I wish I had held on to it a little longer. Oh well. It did have a cool inscription to John Thomas in it, which I photocopied. I'll see if I can find it and post it.

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