"The Daily Forlorn" by Paul Hornschemeier - from Chance Press (1 Viewer)

ok... the first 8 copies are up for sale, with the balance available sometime in november. deluxe editions will be available then too.

have you ordered this book yet? due to some behind the scenes stuff, it is going to be much more limited than originally thought. the deluxe editions are done, and there are only TWO (maybe 3) left out of an edition of 11 (NOT 20), and the trade editions are down to the last few copies as well. the trade was supposed to be a run of 75, but it only ended up being about 25 (with the possibility of me making more in the future, but not until i finish some other projects).

so, if you were on the fence, or if you were waiting for a deluxe, head on over and order!

ps - the reason the edition size is so much smaller is that these books are WAY more labor intensive than i originally envisioned them, and the price is frankly too low for the amount of time i have to put into each copy. not only are they expensive to make, but they take forever, because there are so many elements involved in each copy. the deluxe editions, although paperback, are more labor intensive than most of the hardcover books we've done, and so, for my own sanity, i had to cap the edition smaller than i thought.

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