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Anyone at all familiar with the man? Eddie Cochran was mostly known for 'Summertime Blues', but he was years ahead of his time, and accomplished a lot in his brief life. He got more tail than Elvis, jammed with B.B. King, pioneered new recording techniques, and out-dueled Chuck Berry in a guitar battle backstage. However the last year of his life reads like a horror story. After Buddy Holly was killed - in a tour booked by Cochran - he became plagued by feelings of dread. Like Death was stalking him, trying to kill him. And it did too. In April of 1960, he was killed in a car crash, while on his way to the airport. He was thrown from the car and skidded two-hundred feet on the back of his head. Died of massive brain lacerations a few hours later.

And it's rare that I meet anyone that actually knows/appreciates how awesome this guy was. Anyone here ever heard of him?


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Eddie Cochran was great.
He is quite, well known too - maybe in other age groups than yours perhaps.
Bob Dylan played him a lot i his Theme Time Radio Hour.
He was one of the first Rock'n'Rollers to think of using multitracking and overdubbing. Him and a friend could do the drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, in one night. The kid was barely 21 years old, but was addicted to the studio. A real boy genius. Cut down in his prime.


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I think you're confusing him with Les Paul, who was multitracking when Eddie Cochran was still in diapers. Don't take my word for it, hermano, look it up.

Cochran had his place, but it's stretching it a bit to call him an innovator, either in music or technology.
No, I'm not confusing him with Les Paul, and I'm well aware of his history as well. I don't need to look it up. You do. Read a book on the guy and then try and say that.
I've read three books on Eddie, I have all the recordings, even the rare instrumentals, I am obsessed with him. You just don't know what you're saying. Hendrix had Cochran's music played at his funeral. It was in his will. He was the guitarist's guitarist.

From your words, I can tell you just don't know him that well. This is a good start:


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Damn it! You've exposed me again. Okay, I admit that I don't know anything about guitar players or recording music or rock and roll history. Jesus man, you're making me look bad. Have some mercy. I thought we were friends.


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Sting played an Eddie Cochrane obsessed fan in Radio On


and are you arguing the fact that Les Paul was overdubbing and multitracking before Cochrane, or that you think Cochrane is great and everyone should realize this? you're passionate about the man, that's fine, but facts are facts.
No, no, no. I know that Les Paul was the supreme innovator of recording techniques and was doing overdubbing long before Cochran. But Eddie was the only Rocker in the 50's to write, produce, and record all of his own music. And for MJP to say that he wasnt an innovator in music, is just flat out wrong. He doesn't know this, but in 1960, Eddie toured England with fellow rocker Gene Vincent. Besides Buddy Holly & Jerry Lee Lewis, they were the first American Rock'n'Rollers to tour England. Do you know who was in the audience at their shows? Members of The Beatles, The Who, Led Zepplin, and T-Rex, to name a few. Eddie Cochran was the man, and they all took notes from him. Hell, Paul McCartney got into The Beatles, by impressing John Lennon, playing/singing 'Twenty Flight Rock', an Eddie Cochran tune.

The entire 60's rock explosion that came from England has a lot to owe to Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent. Over there, Eddie is JUST as revered as Elvis. Over here? He's a wonderful little secret. Someday maybe he'll get the bio-pic treatment and that will all change. He deserves it.

And by the way, I didn't know that he was 'playing' an Eddie Cochran fanatic. I thought it was genuine, when I watched this documentary on Eddie Cochran. That's good to know, though. I'll have to check that one out.

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Hello from England. You are absolutely right about everything. Over here Eddie Cochran was given an honorary Knighthood (posthumously) and his is the biggest portrait in the Rock'n'Roll Legends design on the back of the £75 note. Hell, Ray Davies isn't even on the 25p coin!


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You are absolutely right about everything.
Except Cochran being a musical (or recording or hairstyle) innovator. Unless we're ignoring everything recorded at Sun studios in Memphis. In which case then, yes, he was very innovative.

None of this means a shit, and it certainly doesn't mean that Cochran didn't rock. He certainly did (it's a natural fact that all Minnesota boys rock, it's in the water). Let's just not rewrite history because we have a hard on for him, eh?

Besides, everyone knows that Cochran, Little Richard, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and all those cats copped their style and attitude and music from Iggy. And Iggy got it from Robert Johnson and Johnny Cash. Look it up. It's all there on wikipedia.

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