The Day It Snowed In L.A. - Fake Inscription? (1 Viewer)

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This oddity is currently listed at £375 GBP on Ebay UK.

My opinion is that some other than Bukowski wrote the inscription, including the illustration, the poem, the signature and the date. I do not think it is authentic.


Nice try though, eh?
I know this seller well. Let me contact him to let him know about the collective issues with this. I can tell you that he is a straight up honest seller with an extensive collection. He would not knowingly sell a forgery and would NOT forge himself. Plus, he bought this from another well known seller in the UK, who I also trust.

The seller has now ended the listing. Hopefully the people duped in the life of this item will be able to resolve matters with the originator.
Yes, the seller is an honest bloke it seems.

Sadly, although the item had some decent provenance, it seems that somebody pulled the hoax a while back and some good folks have been caught up in the web.

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