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The Day It Snowed In L.A. (1 Viewer)

He's listed this several times with no takers. Fair deal for $29 but a bit steep at $49. If you want it make a $30 bid and you'll probably get it. It's a great little book and has never been, nor is it likely to be, reprinted.
$50 is steep for SNOW/LA.
Although it's definitely a 'must-have'. I got my first copy $9 in the early 90's at the Strand in NY. Then a 2nd copy from Jeffrey (Water Row) for $24.
Also agree VERY unlikely this will ever be reprinted... Nice item.
The price of this has come down considerably lately. Four or five years ago it could go for $100 when it popped up on eBay. Now there seem to be a lot more copies available.
You make a good point, I remember thinking what a find my USED (but in great shape) less than $10 copy from the STRAND was, compared to the eBay prices of $100 or so bucks a few years back. Apparently more are circulating/cycling through... I guess hold onto them and wait for a few years when they go back to a hundred... to be followed by a 20 dollar phase, etc, etc...
Nope... not a chapbook. It's sort of a cross between a short story and a comic strip in book form. Very short and illustrated on every page with Bukowski's drawings. The only other thing he did that was at all similar to this was "Dear Mr. Bukowski."
And it's perfect bound (flat spine) rather than the typical saddle stitched (folded and stapled) chapbook.

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