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The Day It Snowed In LA (1 Viewer)

Grrr... and now when the price now goes up, we'll know why... thanks a bunch mjp :(

Is he a friend of yours in need of some quick Euros (more likely than dollars don't you think) ?

Guess I'll just cancel it from my watch list right now.

Seriously, lets not inadvertently help the current ebay price trend get any more out of control. As you said elsewhere, great if you are a seller, but for those of us with no other realistic way to pick up rarities, finding a bargain on ebay is like some sort of holy grail.
Surely not.... dun dun DAAAAAH!!! Auctionstealer?

Well, hope you enjoy it C.

Grumble... (no my last minute bid wasn't placed - too low)
No, not guilty. But I've lost out to him before - he's been around for some time, and maybe reading now : Stop Bidding against ME :p lol

I think its a good idea to keep my ebay and my forum names different, for the obvious reason.

At least it wasn't bid up to $101 by that French guy.

Hope its a good copy for you.
I don't mind using the same name, not a problem for me... so far.

anyway, this is mjp's "fault"!!!! Hadn't he opened this thread I surely wouldn't have got the book!
cirerita said:
anyway, this is mjp's "fault"!!!! Hadn't he opened this thread I surely wouldn't have got the book!
Damn, I was watching before the thread...
:mad: Well cirerita, it better be your LAST! LOL. Kidding, honest. :D

hoochmonkey9 said:
Damn, I was watching before the thread...

Me too. Lets GET HIM! {mjp}

Man, I wish I didn't know about ebay. Or do I mean, I wish no one else knew about ebay ;)

Oh well, I've done ok in the past.
Yeah, I have mixed feelings about talking too much about current eBay auctions here. Sorry if I fucked anyone up. I guess I can assume that anyone who shops eBay doesn't need a tip from me. ;) It's an interesting subject, eBay, and how it's changed everything.
got it today! a little beauty, indeed!

on the back cover there's a $0.50 price tag and I paid almost $30. Oh, well...
Yeah, I really like that book. It's unique, great drawings, great story, I don't know why it isn't more widely known.
Does anyone own a lettered copy?!,
With a blue, black, and gold cloth backstrip?!
It would be a Krumhansl 99c
But this guy tells me his copy has no 'original drawing'
But it is lettered....
So it has the Binding as called for,
(and dimensions, etc.)
But I've heard of no lettered editions.....
Anyone else?
Sometimes BSP would misbind the books. I have a copy of Barfly HB 1st that has the wrong cloth strip. Also, I once owned a aquamarine cloth strip copy of "Love is a dog". It was an ex-lib with many, many issues, but it was not explained in Krumhansl. According to John Martin, there were some copies that had this when they would run out of a certain cloth.

This one is curious. I would be cautious unless you know the seller or have a way to get your money back if it is a rebound copy or one that someone has taken a "4" and tried to make into an "A"

How much are they asking for it?

Let us know what happens.

I have a copy of THE DAY IT SNOWED that's 1/11 with one of the original drawings laid in and it has the blue/black/gold spine cloth that zoom man describes. I believe there was a lettered edition without the drawings and only 11 with. The 11 copies with drawings and lettered copies probably have the same spine cloth. Mine is numbered 2/11.

Incidentally, I can confirm what Bill wrote. My copy of DANGLING with a painting is suppose to have a blue speckled spine cloth, but apparently they ran out because I have the solid burgundy cloth, which was used for the signed/numbered editions.
I have a trade first of "Play the Piano..." with a black backstrip. I know they probably don't add any value to the book, but somehow I consider these variants a little more "special" than the regular copies, if only because very few were issued that way.

There was definitely a lettered edition of "The Day It Snowed in L.A." (aside from the 11 copies that nymark mentioned) but Krumhansl seems to have missed it. I've seen one (at Baroque Books) and a few others have been listed on ebay and through reputable sellers over the years.

I've always wondered what relationship The Paget Press and Black Sparrow had. Were they both owned by John Martin or did they just have some sort of distribution deal? They put out different titles than BSP but the books "feel" like Black Sparrow releases.
chronic said:
I've always wondered what relationship The Paget Press and Black Sparrow had. Were they both owned by John Martin or did they just have some sort of distribution deal? They put out different titles than BSP but the books "feel" like Black Sparrow releases.
There's an old thread about Paget/Black Sparrow. I think Paget was Black Sparrow/Martin. For the reasons stated in that thread, and the fact that I can't find any info about a contemporary, non-Christian "Paget Press" on line.
The seller says the cloth backstrip is a dark pink with silver decorations?!...
I'll post a pic when I get it..


So, does anyone have a copy that looks like this?
The 'P' looks like a P
But I can't imagine they would have neglected to mention a lettered edition?!
This is obviously a lettered edition. The seller might not have know the difference between a lettered/numbered edition. That happened to me once or twice in the past. To some people, it's all the same. If you only paid a numbered edition price, then let me be the first to pass along a WELL DONE.
Thanks, but no, I haven't bought it yet...
The seller quoted me a price,
Then when I told him there is no record of a lettered edition,
Well, he yanked it off ABE
And said if I don't want it, he will re-list it with the photo
And Ask for a higher price.
What would you all pay for it?
bospress.net said:
Presentation opr Printer were always spelled out fully...
In the Black Sparrow publications, yes. But this isn't Black Sparrow, right? Or is it? Heh.
The handwriting on the P looks like the same handwriting as in BSP. Of course, you can't judge handwriting from one letter. I'd love to see how the word "publisher" was writtin by this press....

I am confident that this is a lettered edition. If it weren't a lettered copy, they would have to spell it out in order to distinguish the Printer's copy from the Publisher's copy.
Someone go wake up Aaron Krumhansl. He needs to make some corrections. ;)

And someone ask Martin, while he's still with us, what was the deal with Paget and Burn Again Press.

Then someone get me a refill on this coffee. I'm having trouble waking up today.
that's the problem with you Americans, your coffee stinks, especially those cheap refills :D
while I was there I really missed my true ristretti and capuccini... and to think Star-fucking-bucks is beginning to spread its tentacles over cities such as Barcelona...
I agree about the coffee. I work at an office where we have fresh ground coffee from a $2000 Miele coffee system. It grinds the beans and brews a cup of coffee in less than a minute. Strong and GREAT. Also espresso and Capucino.

The Germans can make a GREAT coffee maker.

Got the book today...
It's even more beautiful than the pics I shared here,
The guy must have auto-enhanced them
So I Have to share more oversized pics with you all.
I still can't get over the fact that there is no mention of this edition.
I think this is a pretty pretty copy;
I never liked the yellow cloth edition with white polka dots.
(And I got this for less than a majority of them are priced!)

I'm damned tempted to put this on e-bay to see what it would fetch...
But I want it, unless of course someone has 1 of the 11 with an illustration they'd sell me ;)

letteredLA002.jpg letteredLA004.jpg
I have No F'ing Idea....
Doesn't anyone here have the undisclosed lettered edtion....?

mjp said:
Someone go wake up Aaron Krumhansl. He needs to make some corrections. ;)

I just e-mailed Aaron with pics of the book.
I also sent him a link to this site and asked him about the chances of an up-dated bibliography...
Look for new members here.
I e-mailed a question to Aaron a while back. He never replied. I just figured that he was not interested in answering questions. Also, part of me thought that he was a ficticious name. I'll be in Cleveland in a couple months. I'll go by Old Erie and see if he exists and if he is there.


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