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The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills (1 Viewer)


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okay...well as you may or may not know, Black Sparrow editions of this book are becoming few and far between. I cannot seem to locate this book. So the point of this thread is this:

DOES ANYBODY HAVE AND EXTRA COPY OR KNOW WHERE I CAN GET A BLACK SPARROW EDITION OF THIS BOOK? I'm not pickey at all...it can be in the crappiest of conditions. I just want one for the collection.

Hopefully somebody can help out a fellow Bukowski nut.

IF you can help me out...either answer this thread or PM me.

thanks again.
Yes - it's good. I'm a huge fan of this second-hand bookshop. No need to trawl through endless shops in search of rare stuff.
just received this book in the mail today.

the book is a twenty third printing and is in Mint Condition.

fast shipping and great service. only paid 11 bucks for it too.

abebooks.co.uk is my new favorite website.

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