The Deeper the Wound, The More Lenient Death Is (1 Viewer)

I've was Blown off a bridge, in 2006, by an Israeli Fighter Jet... I survived. All Dead behind. I Attempted Suicide, when reached Dubai, after ICU i was arrested. The Charge "Attempted Murder". Apparently it's illegal because it's NOT my Body, but God's. They held in in an asylum for the "mental defected", they were basically abandoned, unloved, by the outside world. Despite the absurd attempts at stealing my cover, by a bony wide-eyed guy at 4am (commando Style) and the rape attempts... I grew to accept him.

Once i was released, i slit my arms. I was told i lost 5 pints. about 90 stitches. Troubling, friends thought. They disappeared within about 1 1/2 years. Fuck IT.

I moved to Egypt. Taught English, then co-founded it's 1st Music Magazine. Then the Revolution fucked it all. Soldiers firing at us, my best friend and bus. partner, a former boxer, took 3 soldiers down. Sniper got him right between the eyes. He survived. Others didnt. Moved back home, father's 3 open heart surgeries had him owing $200,000 and was in need of bailing. I attempted my last suicide by now. they told me i had a bad heart, loosing my vision, diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic tendencies.

I sometimes think. Who the hell was that Lit Graduate who had his wife and fresh start... The World was ours i told her. She left me before the bombing.

Why write this?
I am losing my mental faculties... the bombs, shootings, arrests....a "skinned Knee". My Words... I have very few.
Dys-U-topia: War, disease, death and bubble gum.

No Reason for saying anything. It defies logic. Yet i am compelled. I'm a little afraid of what would happen if i dont... Who am I?
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Ummm... you're one of the members here feeling bored and having some fun ?

"Sniper got him right between the eyes. He survived."

No, he didn't. Don't make me give you a crack on the skull. On the other side, I mean.

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