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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
In the late 1960s and early 1970s Buk mentions writing for "The Dirty Magazines" to make money. Besides Adam, what were some of the magazines he appeared in?

(I'm not referring to the later Oui and Hustler appearanes.)
Thanks for the responses. These are hard to come by because collecting mens magazines is a hobby unto itself. I'll be on the look out. Thanks again.
I have often wondered about this myself. I have an old bass player friend who used to collect Playboy magazines. I thought he was weird. Now I know he was thinking big. Have you seen the prices for some of these old 1960's Playboy magazines go for? He was the guy who turned me a collector. I have an odd-bogg of collectable things; books, music, TV Guides, magazines, etc.

Supposedly Buk earned some good money from the works he sent to these magazines. He liked how much they paid until the 1970's recession hit, then he wasn't getting paid so quickly and he became angry.

I have to go watch "Barfly" again to help me feel OK. The DVD's of Barfly are going for $50. I watch a free download I found on my PC.

All's well that ends well.
Feature page for Animal Crackers In My Soup, Adam Vol. 16. No. 1, February 1972.

Leave it up to Pouge to come up with some weird stuff. That reminds me of the time I was hanging out with some true blue factory working people in my College days when I worked in a plastic molding parts factory (1982). I used to get high all the time back then. We were in the apt. of some older people. They had many snakes. They worked with me.

I was blowing smoke into the face of a 2 foot or so boa constrictor about 11 pm or so. We laughed as the snakes whole body wilted as I blew the pot smoke in it's face. I held the snake and allowed to curl around my neck. It wasn't a big snake. I allowed it tighten it's grip around my neck. The next thing I knew was I couldn't grab the snake away from my neck. The owner had to jump up and force-ably remove the snake from my neck. I couldn't believe how quickly the snake had strangled my neck strongly even though the snake was totally stoned.
It is one of those things I remember.

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