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I can't stop listening to it. I wanted to share it on one of my message boards, and figured this would be the most appropriate place.


It is what it is
The cor enlais players embachure looks like a cats bum!
The singer looks like a cats bum too.

I like the last comment;
"Great!! if you dont think this is great your a barbarian, or an american."

HA HA...

Americans suck.

Present company excepted, of course.

Great Link!
Great music!


Oh man... I had forgotten this music!
Ninjerk, I love you!

Easy there, chief, I wasn't lookin' for love!

I'd like to hunt down some "old" movies with iconic music that most people in my generation probably have never seen or don't think much of past their first viewing. I tried to watch 2001 maybe an hour ago and I'm past done with ballet music for the week. My humanities teacher has been subjecting me to madrigals, lieder, ballets, etc.

The old man has to kill me with boredom before he goes.


It is what it is
OK... back to normal... love replaced by a nervous cynicism.

2001 feels like everyone in the room laughing at joke I don't get.
I suppose I would have to read the book to truly understand it.

Madrigals, lieder and ballets huh?
Bach preludes and fugues do it for me. I wish someone had introduced me to that music when I was a teenager.

I still love that Morricone... :)

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