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Sordide Sentimental
This afternoon, The Edukators (I prefer the german title : Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei which are the words the Edukators let in the houses they visit), from Hans Weingartner.


Trailer :
The subject is trivial : three young anti-capitalist Germans want to change the world (wow) and lead some underground actions for that great purpose (re-wow). But there's really something cute in their idealism which makes the trio touching. And the end with Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah is great !
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One of the best "New Generation German Films" ever ! Daniel Brühl is a very good young actor . He plays in Inglorious Basterds From Tarantino , any questions ? Good choice Ambreen !
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Yes, Daniel Brühl is good in it whereas I wanted to slap him in Good-bye Lenin !
I know for Inglourious Basterds, I saw it. I admit having been misled by his character, not suspecting at all his true nature...
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I have not watch Inglorious Basterds , must wait of the copy dvd .
Daniel Brühl acts in many german TV series .
Tonight i watch The year of the dragon with M. Rourke .
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